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Fit Review Friday! Breeze By Muscle Tank II & Coast Hoodie

Happy Friday! I'm so glad I have a long weekend. I'm planning on getting my workouts in and then binging Punisher on Netflix. I'm somewhat of a geek. Today I have for you a review of the Coast Hoodie that's currently on sale for $79. I purchased it at full price and ended up returning it.

I ordered size 2 to try and the first thing I noticed is the fabric. It is super buttery soft. It's also a nice light weight hoodie for indoors or cool summer nights.  I wasn't too crazy about the zipper. It has the wide plastic teeth that you can feel as you zip up and down. I did enjoy the trendy asymmetrical zipper which is totally my style. The sleeves however are suuuuuuper long on me. They kind of bunch up in weird places. 

The body fit well on my petite frame. It hit above the hips and was semi fitted with room to layer. The jacket also looked good whether you wore it open or closed or even partly zipped up. The wide collar drapes well. There is one thing I really didn't like about the jacket besides the super long sleeves. The inside of the jacket is not lined. I could feel the unfinished seams along the arms and it felt a little scratchy to me. 

Overall this hoodie almost checked all the boxes. But the long sleeves and the seams on the inside made me return this. Next up we have the Breeze By Muscle Tank II. I have the original version and love it, so I decided to see what the differences are in the new update. I purchased the size 4 which is the smallest size this tank comes in. Even so, I would say it is true to size. It is supposed to be a loose fit tank.

Breeze By Muscle Tank II Dark Adobe Size 4

The updated version is definitely more fitted in the body and the armhole is much higher than the original. You can check out my original review I wrote here. The wide waistband is still the same. The neckline feels a little smaller than the original. Fabric is the same. 

I ended up keeping this tank. I love the dark adobe color so much. Although I think I might prefer the original version because I like the bigger armhole. I like a lot of ventilation because I'm always hot when I workout. Would I buy this in another color? Maybe if I saw it on sale. I probably wouldn't buy another one full priced unless it was a color I just had to have.

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



  1. Thanks for this review! The Coast Hoodie is super cute on you, but wow, those sleeves! Do you think they would have been too long still if you had folded up the cuffs? I've been coveting the smoky blush color, but I think that sleeve length might be a deal-breaker for me. P.S. The Punisher is great :)

    1. They probably would still have been long but would have looked a lot better. I do like using thumbholes though which is why I don't normally fold them up.

      I love the Punisher! Him and Daredevil are my favorites!

  2. Both look great on you! I really like my coast hoodie! So soft. I bought the smoky blush, for a pop of color during the winter! I agree, the sleeves are super long, so I just roll them up. Didn’t get on sale, but I used the discount that was floating around. Glad I bought it- lots of compliments:)

    1. That smoky blush color is gorgeous. I may have been more inclined to keep it if I went with the blush. Hopefully they will release something similar again!

  3. The Coast Hoodie is cute on you but the sleeves are sooooooooo long! That’s a typical problem I have with Lululemon tops. Too bad cos I love the asymmetrical front.

    I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a pair of Ivivva Live to Move Lined Pant. It ran out of size 12 so I ordered the last pair of size 14. Will let you now how it fits.


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