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Fit Review Friday! Breeze By Muscle Tank, Essential Tank Heathered Whirlpool

Happy Friday everyone! I'm currently obsessing over the Breeze By Muscle Tank. I purchased this in aurora black and midnight navy. This tank does not come in a size 2. It's definitely a loose fitting tank and I feel the size 4 isn't too big on me.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

Breeze By Muscle Tank Midnight Navy Size 4

I'm modeling the tank with the Hotty Hot Short in velvet dust. The fabric feels very similar to the Swiftly tops. The dropped arm holes keep you cool during and I really like the wide elastic band at the waist. This keeps the tank from riding up which happens a lot when I'm running while wearing my Swiftly Racerback tanks. I've already worn this tank a couple of times and really love it. If it comes out in more colors, I'll be in trouble. 

Also wearing Speed Shorts in Breeze By White Light

Breeze By Muscle Tank in Aurora Size 4

I'm a huge purple and pink fan, so I really love this color combo here. This top is also great for those days when you're feeling a bit bloated and more self conscious about your body. I totally have those days after I've eaten a lot of food. Which is quite often! I tend to only wear my Swiftly tops when I'm feeling extra lean since they tend to cling to every lump and bump. 

Elevator selfie. This elevator has the best selfie lighting. 😂

I was super excited to get the Essential Tank in heathered whirlpool, but unfortunately the blue was lighter than I thought it would be. So I'm returning this one. I guess I thought it would be darker and maybe a little bit more teal colored. I'm hoping they release this tank in submarine! 

Essential Tank Heathered Whirlpool Size 4 
also pairing it with Align Crop in Jaded

Here are some comparison pics for you guys. From left to right are bordeaux drama and dark adobe. They are really similar. Dark adobe is a little bit more red/purple where I think bordeaux drama is more of a true burgundy. My bordeaux drama Align Pants are a couple of years old and you can see the pilling on them. Makes me sad. 

Bordeaux drama and dark adobe.

On the top left is black currant and bottom left darkest magenta.


Lastly, Werkshop just posted a sneak peak of their unicorn leggings! I'm SUPER excited about these and literally cannot wait. They look absolutely gorgeous. I'm thinking I will probably get them in full length, but will wait and see if they will come out in crops. I'm so torn because I tend to wear my crop lengths a lot more than full length. Gah! These unicorn leggings seriously cannot be any more perfect! I NEED these!

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a fab weekend!


  1. Aw man, sorry you don't like the blue tank. I think the color looks super pretty on you! I like how you paired the purple and pink. I'm always pairing everything with black, but need to open up to new color combination s

    1. I almost rarely wear black. It started years and years ago when I had a golden colored dog that loved to shed all over me. So black was never an option! She's passed away a couple of years ago, but now I'm just drawn to more colorful and fun pieces still. It's definitely fun trying more colorful outfits!

  2. Loving that muscle tank on you!! Squeeee love the Purple Pink color combo! Thanks for the color comparison! Eek that pilling... wonder if the store would be willing to do an exchange or something. :( I can't wait for the Werkshop collection!!

    1. I doubt it, since I've had them over 2 years old? I'm totally ordering three pairs of Werkshop crops on Monday. So excited!


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