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Fit Review Athleta Mercer Herringbone Tight & Criss Cross Back Hoodie Sweatshirt


Is everyone ready for Christmas? Two sleeps away! One sleep if you're reading this tomorrow morning. I'm pretty much set. It will be a low key Christmas celebration for us. Husband will be cooking a Christmas dinner and we'll spend time with our 5 cats. They have a couple of new toys. I'm pretty excited since this is their first Christmas with us! Maybe I can get one to pose with a Santa hat. 😆

 I have just a quick review of Athleta's Mercer Herringbone Tight and Criss Cross Back Hoodie Sweatshirt. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size PXS in Athleta tops and bottoms. In Lululemon I wear a size 4 in bottoms.

The lighting was kind of poor when I took these photos, so if it looks a little muddy, that's why. I tried brightening them up in my photo app, but it's not the sharpest. These tights are a great alternative to wearing pants at the office. I actually have the navy pair and wear them pretty often. I will admit the gray doesn't look as sharp as the navy. If you're trying to decide between the two colors, I definitely prefer the navy. In fact here's a review of the navy version. The ankle has a front slit that adds a nice detail to set these apart from regular tights. There's a side pocket to stash your phone, although I never use it. 

I love that these have a stretchy waistband that sits at the belly button. They are quite form fitting all around but flare out slightly at the ankles. I'm wearing booties with these, but they would look better with a pump. Unfortunately my pair of pumps are at work. And yes, I only have three pairs of work shoes. (I am waaaaay more of a sneaker or boots gal.)

Pairing it with the Transformation Wrap

Next up, I had high hopes for the Criss Cross Back Hoodie Sweatshirt but it really was not flattering on me. It was sooooo super comfy and soft but I thought it just looked a bit frumpy on me. The sleeves are way too long. It was a quick pass for me.

also wearing:

It's very loose fitting but just looks shapeless and baggy. Doesn't look cute like it does on the model. Kind of made me sad!

 That's all for me! Athleta's semi annual sale is going on right now, and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. If Lululemon posts and update tomorrow, I will cover it. Otherwise, Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Wow, re Mercer tight: talk about leggings that look like real pants, I love it. They fit great on you!

    1. Thanks!! I'm always looking for pieces I can wear to work that are comfortable.

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  3. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas! My husband and I are staying home tonight with our 15-year-old Westie. Our boy is aging fast lately and we are cherishing each and every moment with him. If I could only wish for one thing at Christmas, I wish all our furry babies would live forever.

    1. Merry Christmas! Aw that is how I feel with our 19 year old. Right now he has a cold and isn't feeling well. He normally doesn't do well in winters. Cherish the time with him.


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