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Fit Review Friday! Ivivva Knock Down The Cold Jacket & Brave The Rain Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it's November already? This year is coming to an end. I'm already missing the long days of summer. Daylight savings time ends this weekend and I won't be looking forward to the 5:30 pm sunsets at all.

Today I have for you some Ivivva jackets up for review. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

I'm still trying to figure out what size I am in Ivivva coats. This one I tried a size 12 which according to the girls chart, is the right size for my height. Even though the chart says a size 12 fits a chest of 29  to 30 inches it still fit comfortably even though my chest is about 31.5 inches. The shoulders fit fine. I didn't have any restricted movement. I am disappointed that the zipper is the same one on the Down For It All Jacket I just reviewed, which means it's a bit sticky and not quite as smooth as you would normally expect. 

While the top part of the coat fit perfectly, the bottom half of the jacket was much too tight around my hips. My hips are 34 inches or so and it was quite tight on me which makes sense because according to the chart, a size 12 equates to 32 inches max for hips.  You can tell when the jacket is zipped up and my hands are in the pockets you can see the stretch lines. There is not a lot of give there.

Jacket length is perfect but the sleeve length is still a bit long, but I do enjoy the attention to detail in the thumb cut outs for the sleeves. It's not a thumb hole but the sleeves are cut in a way that shows the thumb off. The jacket is medium weight and quite cozy with the fleece lining. Overall, I did like this rain jacket and would have kept it if it wasn't for my big hips! 😞

Next up I tried on the Knock Down The Cold Jacket in size 14. This jacket is reversible with 700 fill goose down. The outside fabric is Glyde Waterproof which makes this coat toasty warm.

Knock Down The Cold Jacket Reversible Size 14.

This is a size 14 and the fit is generous. I could have layered a thick sweater and it would still have been comfortable. The length is shorter in the front and longer in the back which is what you want for a serious winter coat. The sleeves are a little bit too long but this is the type of coat where a rolled up sleeve would still work since it is reversible.

While there wasn't any restrictions or tightness in the shoulders in terms of fit, I am not a fan of the dropped shoulder sleeve. Whenever I raise my arm up the seam cuts into my arm. It's not a pleasant feeling! I was this close to keeping this jacket, but off it goes. I'm unsure if the size 12 would make a difference? 

Pointing to the seam that digs into the arm.

Close up of the seam.

Here are the pictures of the jacket on the black side. I definitely prefer the black side over chill tulle print. See how it looks fine with the sleeves rolled up? 

The zipper is the same as the Brave The Rain Jacket. 

It's really unfortunate for the seam to be placed there. This jacket is really cute and warm. While the price is steep $178, it would have been worth it to me if not for the seam. I would have overlooked the sticky zipper, but the shoulder drop seam is a deal breaker for me.

Both of these jackets are being returned. I do see a lot of potential and wouldn't be surprised if I ended up buying an Ivivva jacket for keeps. That's all for me this week, I hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy the last Saturday before daylight savings time ends!



  1. Thanks for the review! I was interested in the Knock Down The Cold Jacket but by the time I saw it sizes 12 and 14 were sold out. After reading your review I’m glad I didn’t have the chance to order it, cos it would probably be going back.

    The black side looks okay but too bad the printed side looks too busy with the pattern plus the seam across the mid back. Not sure if it was due to poor workmanship but there is a lot of puckering. Sorry I’m kind of picky when it comes to workmanship cos I believe you should get what you pay for. It’s not a cheap jacket.

    1. I thought the puckering was part of the design, but maybe it is bad design? But yes it isn't the best look I suppose!

  2. The jacket looks really good on you! Too bad the seam is bothersome. It's definitely not worth the money cause of that. I also ordered All Birds sneakers! Not for myself but for my grandma! I ordered two sizes (6,7) for her to try and one of them is my size (6) and so I'll get to try them on. (: I just bought new shoes two months ago so maybe for Xmas I'll gift them to myself.

    1. Oh exciting! Let me know how your grandma likes them. I've been thinking of getting a pair for my sister for Xmas. They have gift cards too. I think that's new.


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