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Store visit- Speed Up Short Memoir Green & Hotty Hot Short Memoir Purple

Happy Friday everybody! I have a short review for you all. Went to the store to check out the memoir prints in both colors.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon Speed Up Shorts and a size 2 in Hotty Hot Shorts.

I'm normally not a green person, but the memoir print looked interesting enough for me to at least try on. I definitely liked it, but I wasn't 100% convinced it would be something I would grab for. I think I would reconsider if I saw it on mark down. 

The memoir purple looked a little more busy than the green version and for some reason looks more like paisley to me. I'm not a fan of paisley at all, so I definitely prefer the green over the purple. The other thing is I'm usually a size 2 in Hotty Hots and the store only had a size 4 for me to try on and they look a little baggy. Even if they did have a size 2, I think it would be a definite no for me still. 

Overall the green memoir print is more flattering in my opinion. What do you guys think of the two prints? I also decided I need to sell some of my Speed Shorts so I can buy more Speed Up Shorts. I find the new version to be a lot more flattering on shorter legs!

Have a happy easter for those who celebrate! I'm actually off tomorrow so I'm going to get a much needed haircut. =) 



  1. I definitely like the green more! It's more vibrant and happier whereas the purple looks gloom. I love reading your posts and reviews. I'm petite myself and your reviews are super helpful. (:

    1. Thank you so much! Glad that my reviews are reaching other petite gals =)

  2. I think you look fabulous in the speed up shorts so definitely get those eventually. :)

    1. Thank you! The Hotty Hots look a little too baggy on me from the front. The Speeds are definitely more flattering on me.


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