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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Easy Cozy Karma Jacket Petite

Happy Friday everyone! I've come down with a cough since I got back from NYC. Sherlock is sitting next to me as I type up this blog post. It's so funny the way he reacts to noises. I was watching The Walking Dead the other day and he's sitting there watching along with me. The walkers come on and started to growl in the weird hissing noise they kind of make and his ears flew back and his eyes got a bit wide. He's just so cute.

This week I want to share my latest purchase from Athleta. I've been after something in a red burgundy color for a while and found the Easy Cozy Karma Jacket in cassis. I've been wearing it non stop ever since I bought it. The name is spot on. It's super soft and soooooo cozy.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies. Here I'm wearing a size PXS and it is a relaxed fit on me.

 The front and the back both have a scoop hem. I'll be the first to admit, this hoodie is not the most flattering, but it's the most comfortable hoodie I've ever bought. The inside is lined with this soft fleece, it feels like I'm being hugged by my cats. It looks a boxy in the front because of the asymmetrical zipper. When zippered up, it doesn't have a nice drape because of the thick fleece lining. I do like that the back is long enough that it covers the bum. I also really like the gold zippered details. It makes it look kind of fancy for a hoodie.

In the below picture you can see the outline of the overlap from the right side of the hoodie. Overall, I do really love this hoodie because of how soft and warm and comfortable it is. For the price $118, I give it 4 stars. I took one star off for not being flattering. If Athleta releases this in another color, say a nice blue I might consider getting it. 


If you're new to Athleta you can receive 20% off your first purchase with my referral link.

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I have another photoshoot to do on Sunday. I have the Non-Stop Bomber, J.Crew coat in girls, and some Athleta girls pieces to photograph for review. 


  1. I think the jacket looks really cute on you! Also love your haircut! Have a nice weekend :)


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