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Comparison photos: Dusty Mauve, Velvet Dust, Rose Quartz

Velvet Dust Hotty Hot, Dusty Mauve Speed Short, Rose Quartz Hotty Hot

Looks like as if velvet dust and rose quartz had a baby and popped out dusty mauve. Dusty mauve and rose quartz are kind of close. 

So yes, I am on a ban, but I ended up picking up these rose quartz Hotty Hot Shorts because I wanted to do a photo comparison with my other pink shorts. Now I'm undecided and kind of want to keep them! I thought they would be too similar to justify keeping, but now I'm looking at all three colors together and think they are different enough? What do you think? Am I too pale for rose quartz? Someone say yes, lol. 

I'm wearing these in size 2

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 4 more days until it's September. I'm a little sad summer is ending. But fall is just around the corner and I love me some cute fall outfits. I'll have my fall lust list coming up soon!


  1. Sooo pretty! Thank you for the color comparison! I think rose quartz and velvet dust are different enough to keep both. Rose Quartz looks really feminine and beautiful on you, but I do like the Velvet Dust on you more.

    Did you see the new Japanese floral print? I love both the black/white and blue version (maybe blue more) and trying to convince myself I don't need them.

    I am definitely looking forward to the upload tomorrow night and maybe hotty hot II's in deep rouge will appear too!

    Can't wait to see your fall lust list!

    1. I did see the Japanese floral prints. I think for me it would depend on the dark seams. If it's too apparent on either color I will probably pass. My pet peeve is a dark crotch/butt seam. From the photos I think the dark blue might be better for camouflaging but the black/white print by itself looks more interesting. Tough call!

  2. I have pale skin, too, which is why I passed on this color. I think the other two pinks are flattering!

    1. Yeaaaah maybe I will return it. Too pale! Thanks Amy!


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