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Fit Review Friday! First Mile Jacket, Define Jacket, Insculpt Jacket

Happy Friday everyone!! I went to the store yesterday and they had the First Mile Jacket but not the 1/2 zip.  I am loving the jacket in darkest magenta!  Remember the purple from last year in the Down For A Run Jacket?  This is suuuuuch a better combo in terms of color and fit.  I'm glad I never got one last year.  Of course the major difference is one is down and the other is fleece.  Warmth wise it's not the same, but I think I would get more use out of the First Mile Jacket.  

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in tops.

I grabbed a size 2 in the darkest magenta to try on.  The fit is super slim.  The length is perfect.  Not too long in the back.  However, and this is major, the shoulders and back were too tight on me.  Sometimes I can wear a size 2 in outerwear, but not this time.  If I bought this I would have to get my usual size 4.  

I love how the back looks perfect in terms of length.

The jacket is slim and hugs the waist and body.

I cannot stress how perfect the length is in the size 2.  The sleeves were not that long either.  

The hood is a nice touch.

I like how there are zippers that open up to vents to cool you down.  

The back of the jacket.

Next up I tried this on in black but size 4.  It was a much better fit in the chest and back.  If I wanted to layer up I could fit a sweater under this very easily.  The length in the back is noticeable longer than the size 2, but still wearable.  The front looks about the same.

As you can see it is not as fitted and the sleeves look looser and longer.

I think I may be in-between sizes in this jacket.

The back shows more of a contrast, almost like a color block jacket.

The hood also feels bigger as well.

Overall still a nice fitted jacket.

I think this jacket looks great with my Skull Leggings =)

The store also had another Define Jacket in wee are from space nimbus battleship.   Of course I had to try it on.  I grabbed my usual size 4 to try.  Definitely did not like this as much as the darkest magenta.  I think almost everything pales in comparison to that color.  But that might be just me.  

Finally, I decided to try the Insculpt Jacket. They only had the size 4 for me to try on and it's way too big.  I can safely say a size 2 would have fit me.

The fabric is called Spacer fabric.  It feels like a Scuba Hoodie to me and slightly rubbery?  It definitely felt like it would keep you very warm.  It was thick and a little on the stiff side.  It also felt bulky to me but that may be because it was too big.

The sleeves were definitely WAY too long for me.

Overall, I wasn't too impressed with this piece.

Oh one last photo of the new Speed Short in Scatter Star Beach Blanket.  I didn't bother to try it on though since I have too many Speed Shorts at the moment!!

That's all for today!  Have a great weekend everybody!  Oh, I got the Florence Speed Wunder Tights. They came in yesterday and I quickly tried them on.  They are not the same material as the Marbled Mix print.  I think I actually prefer the Marbled Mix to Florence.  I'll have photos up very soon!  


  1. Thanks!! I like the first mile jacket on you! I wish i could see the review on half zip but well, i will wait for the next time!! :)
    I will wait for a review on florence leggings too!!

  2. Lulu uploaded more on wmtm!! Im tempted to get wu tiny tooth and a jet pant!! Are you getting any?

    1. Yes I have a bunch of things in my cart. I'm just mulling it over while I also update the blog with the sale! ahhhhh.

  3. Is it just me or does darkest magenta look like Deep Zinfandel? Probably more if regal plum and deep zinfandel had a baby ��

    1. I think that would be close! Deep Zinfandel is much darker purple. Darkest Magenta has a bit of pink to it. Luluaddict has a decent photo of the two.

  4. What tights are you wearing? I LOVE them!

    1. Thanks! They are Terez leggings. I have a review of them here,


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