Store Visit Today Fit Review for Tender Violet Down For A Run Vest, Down For A Run Jacket, Vinyasa, Speed Tight IV

November 13, 2015

First up, Tender Violet Down For A Run Jacket.  I love this color so much I wanted to give it another try, but sadly the back of the jacket is just too long on me.  The front looks fantastic, but the back just kills it for me.  I love the new Vinyasa scarf too.  Wish I knew what the name of the color was!  The jacket is a size 2.  I feel it is true to size.  Some people are put off by the contrasting panels but I don't mind it.  

The dip on the butt just looks off.  

New Vinyasa, super cute.  I might go back for it.

The vest fit me better in a size 4.  The 2 was just too suffocating.  The back was not as long as the jacket on me, but I still left it behind since I don't have much use for vests.  If you're interested in the vest in this style, I suggest size up.

These are the herringbone Speed Tights.  At first glance they're very long on me, but since the bottom scrunches up a bit it they're passable on my 27 inch legs.  I tried on my usual size 4 and were very comfortable.  I love the large side pockets especially.  If I ran on a regular basis I would pick these up.  But for $108 I don't know if I would be able to justify the cost per run.  

And just for the heck of it I tried on the 1X A Lady coat because it was marked down to $128 which made it very tempting, but the pockets sat too low on me.  Again it's because I have a very short torso.  If i were just a couple of inches taller it would have looked better on me.  It's very cute.  

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