Fit Review! Hotwave Tank! Yogi Everyday Tank! Quay Australia Sunnies!

May 4, 2016

Went to the mall today to see if they had any goodies for me to try on.  I grabbed the Hotwave Tank in a size 2 and 4.  The 2 was definitely too tight of a fit.  The 4 fit much better, but I felt overall it was a bit shapeless.  So I didn't love it.  I did love the color though!

Hot wave Tank in Heathered Tofino Teal Size 4

The back was also a bit too long

I much prefer the fit of the Yogi Everyday Tank so I picked up the heathered black.  They're very similar actually, but the fit on the Yogi was just slightly better.  Also the fabric on the Yogi is a bit more smooth.  The Hotwave Tank wrinkles pretty easily.

I also picked up the In Flux Crop finally in black.  Totally regretting not getting it in Inkwell!  They didn't have the Zinfandel Precision Jacket in a 6.  Boo!  But I came home and ordered another pair of Werkshop leggings in Jellyfish.  So those are on the way.  I'll post pictures when I get them.

In other shopping news, I bought 3 pairs of Quay Sunglasses.  Here are two of them!  They're fairly inexpensive.  About $50 a pop and they are super oversized but I kind of love that they make me a look a little crazy.  

If you're interested in shopping for these, Nordstrom and Asos sells them. Both websites offer free shipping and free returns.  

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  1. Cute sunnies!! I somewhat only can wear super light glasses. I didnt get to wear hotwave tank but my sa saved free spirit tank for me. Size 6 was little baggy but i loved the coverage. Size 4 had better fit but the bra part was too small so i felt insecured. I went with size 6 and now im still not sure if I need to keep it or not. $68 for a tank is too high price for me but it is stil very cute and selling out too quickly. Argh... Well for now i will just get a sleep

  2. yeah i say if you're in-between sizes... maybe skip? $68 is a lot for a tank! I thought $58 was a lot for the Hotwave and was thankful that didn't look good on me lol.


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