Hong Kong Upload! February 9th 2016

February 9, 2016

Just noticed they also received some pretty long sleeve tops in boom juice.  I think I may need the Swiftly one.  Hopefully it will make its way to the US soon!

Swiftly Tech LS in Heathered Boom Juice

I'm loving this new texture.  

5 mile LS in Heathered Boom Juice

Love the back details

Pace Rival Crop in Twisted Dune Alarming

The back looks very interesting.

Run Speed Shorts in Checkered Blooms Multi

I actually dig this outfit here with the pink Swiftly top!  Very cute.

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  1. Visited two (yes, two!) lululemons today. Thankfully, I didn't see any boom juice swiftlies or the red grape scuba. Phew! Made it through another day. How are you doing? Easy peasy?

    1. I haven't been to any Lululemon's this week, it's been too cold to walk here. And this weekend it's supposed to go into the negatives, so I doubt I'll be able to get to the malls, but we shall see. Besides the make up, I haven't been any activewear, although today's WMTM I wanted to get the Warrior Duffle on sale for $99 but decided not to since I'd rather upgrade my suitcase instead (I was going to use it as a weekender bag). So I guess, so far not too horrible. But I did end up buying another birthday present yesterday.... so all in all this month probably won't be as frugal as I hoped it would be!

  2. I am reminded of your envious bag collection. So maybe you should dream of your ultimate bag (Kelly/Birkin) and that will help you stay focused. Even though it may be a while until you get one, it will make everything else pale in comparison. ��

    1. Haha, that may work for a little bit. But then in March I know I'll get distracted by so many things again. I'm already eyeing a couple of leggings that I put on my wish list. Just curious do you have a pair of align pants? If so what is your opinion?

  3. I've been tempted many times to try on the align pant. But I've resisted because I don't need it. So instead I had a friend of mine try it on. Lol. She loved it and went back to purchase. Unfortunately, she bought her size up and isn't thrilled with it now. So, I think the hype is accurate. It feels smooth and effortless, but I'd advise you to try on your true size. Hope that helps!

    1. Nice! I totally want the pair in raspberry and inkwell. When I was at the store last time they had the raspberry marked down to $69 but it was a size 2, and I'm normally a size 4 so I didn't bother to try it on, the waist looked super tiny...


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