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Review - Radiant Jacket!

Now that I've worn the Radiant Jacket a few times I'd like to give a proper review of it.  I like that it is longer and covers most of my bum, it is pretty warm and is a nice change from wearing my Scuba Hoodies constantly.  It is nicely fitted and I bought my usual size 2 in outerwear.  My only complaint about the jacket are the pockets.  They are perfect for keeping my hands warm and toasty, but definitely do not put your phone in there.  I made that mistake and the phone fell out.  Not once but twice!  The pockets are too shallow.  One other small complaint is when I'm sitting, the band at the bottom of the jacket tends to flip up.  It doesn't really bother me too much, but it is noticeable.  Overall, definitely a cute jacket and I'll be wearing it a lot in this 50s Boston winter weather!

Side note, I ran into Lululemon today just to see if there was anything new.  I didn't have a lot of time to try anything on but they had the new Scuba Hoodie I ordered and should arrive tomorrow.   Hopefully I'll have some pics of it on soon.  One thing to note, they are not as soft as some of the heathered colors.  Just a warning!  They a bit stiff.  

New Scuba Hoodie in Star Pixel Raspberry!  Look at how pretty it is!  Mine!

Also Athleta is having a pretty good sale right now so I ordered the Down With It Jacket in XXS.  The fit is overall okay.  It's only semi fitted.  The arms are pretty loose on me so if I wanted to wear a Define Jacket underneath it would fit with no problems.  I like the color and for $69, why not keep it?  (I used a lot of Rewards and had a 20% off coupon.)  Sorry for the craptastic photos but I hope to have better lighting when I move out of this apartment!

Down With It Jacket in size XXS in Chianti


  1. I also love the radiant jacket although I now wish I had stuck with my usual size. I must have been bloated when I tried it on, and now it's pretty much sold out everywhere. thanks for your reviews and pics.

  2. It is getting harder to find but I still saw it at the stores in the heathered gray last weekend. thank you for reading!


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