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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Essential Tee, Retreat Linen Mid Rise Short, Retreat Linen Top

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? It's so hot here right now. I'm trying to keep cool when I go outside and it's a challenge. Wearing linen definitely helps and I'm so glad to have found some more pieces from Athleta. They're also having a 40% off summer styles right now and all of three pieces in my review are part of the sale.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size Petite XS in Athleta. I also wear size 4/6 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

(40% off - $27!)

Pyrite reminds me of Lululemon's Taupetastic. It is slowly becoming one of my favorite colors. The Essential tee is a medium weight cotton tee that's very soft. It's a relaxed fit that's so comfortable and easy to wear. I have worn it to the office underneath a cardigan as well as on the weekends with shorts. 

also wearing:

The length of the tee hits my high hip and slightly longer in the back. The short sleeves are a little longer in length and quite roomy. This tee is currently on sale for $27! I'm debating if I want to pick up a couple more colors.

Next up, we have the Retreat Linen Mid Rise Short, which is a must when it's over 90 degrees and humid.

(40% off for $35.40!)

also wearing:

I'm wearing size XS and the fit is relaxed. I do not like wearing tight clothing especially when it's hot and humid out. These shorts fit slightly loose, but still flattering. I absolutely love the linen in Pyrite. It looks organic and feels very soft. 

These have a drawstring at the waist to customize the fit. The linen does have a textured feel and can still look a bit rumpled even after steaming. I actually kind of dig the textured look. I love these shorts so much I also have them in Storm Cloud. These shorts are on sale for $35.40. 

Last but not least we have the Retreat Linen Top in Pyrite. I wanted a matching set. This button down is also 40% off at $59.40. Athleta is having such a good sale right now. I guess they are getting ready to make room for fall clothes. 😆 It's so hot I cannot think about fall clothes right now.

(40% off!)

This button down runs very large. I'm wearing size XXS and it's still oversized on me. But I do like the look. I will throw this on as a cover up from the sun and roll the sleeves up. The sleeves are ridiculously long. This top does not come in petite sizing, which is disappointing. Petite options seem to be dwindling and that makes me very sad. 

I really love this whole outfit right here. Makes me feel great and I look put together even in hot summer temperatures. That's it for me! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm trying to enjoy the summer months!


40% Off Styles

Essential Tee

Retreat Linen Mid Rise Short

Retreat Linen Top

WMTM Update


  1. Great outfit on you!!

  2. The Athleta Essential Tee is the better version of Lulu's Cates Tee. It is sooo soft... I already have 4 colors, and all purchased on sale/under $30!!!

    1. Hi Nina! I love their Essential Tee and Essential Tank. I have been wearing both all summer. I have a handful of Cates Tees, but they are so thin.


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