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Fit Review Friday! My Lululemon Black Friday Haul! Sleek City Jacket, Hooded Insulated Wrap, Brushed Softstreme Ribbed Half Zip

Happy Friday! This is my Lululemon Black Friday purchase! I could not stop thinking about the Sleek City Jacket in Bone when I tried it on at the store, so I bit the bullet and purchased it. I really wanted to see the Hooded Insulated Wrap for myself since this jacket seems to bring out some very strong feelings, either you love it, or you hate it. Finally, I could not resist the gorgeous Riverstone in the Brushed Softstreme Ribbed Half Zip

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size 4 in Lululemon tops.

Just wanted to share some proper photos of the Sleek City Jacket in Bone. If you want to read the full fit review, click here. I'm wearing my usual size 4 and it's true to size. If you want more room to layer, I would definitely size up as the arms are slim fit.

I think it looks very flattering on petities. The only thing I had to adjust are the sleeves. I cuffed them to my preferred length. 

I love the pockets and the collar. I can't wait to wear this one out!

Next up, we have the super puffy Hooded Insulated Wrap. I went with Heathered Light Orbit because I do love a pretty mauve/purple. It's right up my alley. Black just seemed too stark and I wanted a softer look. After mulling over between size 2 and size 0, I went with size 0 and I'm so glad I did. Definitely size down at least two sizes. It was still very roomy at size 0.

This wrap is SO soft, it's like wearing a cloud. I love the color and the sleeve length. It's actually not too long for once in my life! Especially for a Lululemon top. It's very oversized and roomy and just overall poofy but I kinda love it! The hood is very large and it can double it up as a pillow. 😅 The length hits at lower hip and covers most of my backside. There is a cinchable drawcord at the hem to customize your look at fit. 

There was only one thing I wasn't a huge fan of, and that's the snaps. There are two snaps to hold this wrap together. It's never super cold in Atlanta, so I think it's actually fine in a mild climate where it doesn't get windy and freezing at the same time. I wore it in 32 degree weather and I was pretty toasty. I do worry the snaps may eventually break off. Overall, I'm pleased with this wrap and already wore it a few times. I ended up loving this wrap. I actually think it looks quite cute on me? 

Last but not least, I purchased my second Brushed Softstreme Ribbed Half Zip in Riverstone. The color is a very light gray with green undertones. It reminds me a little like Gray Sage.

I'm wearing my usual size 4 and love the fit. It's a relaxed look and if you prefer a slimmer fit, I would recommend sizing down. I saw someone post on reddit that the back of the zip up looks like a toilet seat. 😆 Now I can't unsee it. I need to ask my husband if he agrees. What do you think? Is it a toilet seat? 

At least the front looks great. I think it's a cute pullover. Toilet seat or not, I'm a fan of this pullover. I also love the cinchable hem on this as well. Makes it even more interesting. I love Softstreme and do not have problems with staining like many of the reviews I've read. I have many pieces and it's never an issue for me. It's so soft that even if there is a light stain, it's completely worth it in my opinion. Plus the stains wash out, so I am not sure what the big deal is. But maybe it's just me? 

This haul was a good one. Let me know if you received your Black Friday orders and what did you end up keeping? That's it for me! Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Hi Leslie,
    The Hooded Insulated Wrap in Heathered Light Orbit looks super cute on you, especially in the second last picture! I saw the item at a store and the color is gorgeous. Like you said the snap button closure is not very practical when it's windy and for me that's a deal breaker.

    I've been eyeing the Brushed Softstreme Ribbed Half Zip in Riverstone as well but I know it will fit too short on me (I'm not a fan or cropped tops). It looks very nice on your though and I don't think the back looks like a toilet seat lol.

    I finally got something in Riverstone, and it's the Adapted State High-Rise Fleece Jogger Full Length. Since the jogger looks short on models in the pictures, I gave it a try and surprisingly the length works on me! Size 2 fits a bit roomy especially under the waist and around the hips. It was also a tad long and the bottom bunches up when fully zipped. I sized down to 0 and it fits like a glove! Riverstone looks so much nicer than Rhino Grey (you know I love everything grey lol) so I'm keeping the former.

    I'm interested in trying the Scuba Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Pant 7/8 Length Velvet Cord. Not a big fan of corduroy but the reviews are really good. It's very pricey and not sure it's worth it so I'd better wait till I've read your fit review. :)

    Have a nice weekend Leslie!


    1. Thanks Andrea! I love the wrap so much, it's cozy and cute. Yeah it wouldn't be great for serious winter weather. If I lived in NY or Boston still I wouldn't have kept it.

      Ohhh the Adapted State HR Fleece Jogger in Riverstone looks very nice, I am loving the neutral shade of Riverstone. Good to know the length isn't super long.

      Hope to have the Velvet Crop Cord up soon! I should get it tomorrow. If it's not rainy on Sunday I will try and get quick pics.

  2. OMG you got the wrap!! :D It looks adorable on you. It's polarizing for sure, but I love mine. The coziness is hard to beat.

    Looking forward to your fit review of the Cord Crops!

    1. Hi LZ! Yes! The wrap is too cute, I am so glad I bought it!

  3. All three pieces look great! I particularly like the wrap, which is weird, because when it was released, I thought it looked pretty goofy in the stock photos. I think you're rocking it better than the models! It looks so luxurious, and the color is beautiful!

    I too caved and ordered the cord crops. I'm only keeping them if they're fabulous though! I'll be interested to see how you like them.

    1. Hi Lola! Thanks! I was kind of shocked at how cute the wrap looked on me.

      Can't wait to hear what you think of the Velvet Cord Crops. I am hoping I love it, but I'm sure my wallet will think otherwise lol.

  4. I got the sleeves hemmed by my tailor on my sleek city bone colour jacket. It’s perfect . The jacket is perfection. I wear it as a going out “blazer” with dressy pants ❤️

    1. I may consider getting the sleeves hemmed. That might actually be the way to go for this jacket. I was totally thinking I could wear it out as a dressy blazer my holiday party!

  5. I don’t see “toilet seat” at all. I own a few of these and are my absolute favorite. Very soft and comfortable. I like that it can be casual hanging out at home top or going out depends on what you pair it with.
    And it’s a great style. Looks great on you !

    1. Haha, Good to know no one agrees with the toilet seat look. Yes, it's so comfy and stylish. Thank you so much!


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