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Fit Review Friday! Scuba Oversized Full Zip & Allbirds R&R Hoodie

Happy Friday and it's finally fall! I am waiting for the chilly temperatures to hit Atlanta. I'm so ready for fall sweaters and wraps! Bring it on. Last week, I placed a few orders from Lululemon and they are taking forever to process and ship. It's taking about 7-10+ days for my orders to arrive. Which means my reviews aren't happening as quickly as I'd like them to. That's why we have a Lululemon and Allbirds mash up review. 😅

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size 4 in Lululemon. 

It's been over a year and a half since I last tried the Scuba Oversized Full Zip hoodie. Here's a link to my original review if you'd like to take a trip down memory lane. I wasn't digging the baggy arms and super long length of the sleeves. When I saw the same hoodie in Natural Ivory, something told me to give it another try. Let's find out if I've changed my mind since.

I'm wearing size XS/S. The fit is oversized for sure, especially in the arms. The sleeves are still fairly long and baggy, but I don't hate it anymore. I don't love the look, but it's become more acceptable to me. The fabric on the Natural Ivory seems thinner and softer than I remember it to be. The cut also doesn't seem as boxy. Maybe that is why I like it now?

The length hits at the hip. I do think it looks more flattering then it did a year and a half ago. Verdict? I took the tags off right away! This is officially my first Scuba Oversized Full Zip hoodie. I don't think I'll want one in every color, but if a color stood out to me, I wouldn't say no to getting a second one. I tell you what though, I am checking the weather app every single day to see if it's finally cool enough to wear it out. 😂 I've paired the hoodie with the Softstreme HR Straight Leg Crop (they are full length on me) and I'm digging the look and feel.

(I need to see how this color looks in person. If it's a brown than green, I might be interested?)

Next up, we have Allbirds R&R Hoodie in Hazy Pine up for review. I've been eyeing this hoodie for a long time and finally pulled the trigger when it went on sale for $69. I sized up in this hoodie for a slightly oversized look, but it's definitely not as flattering as I hoped. The color is a creamy pale green. It's very pretty but the overall fit was just slightly off.

The kangaroo pockets are way out to the sides and I think that's somewhat of a design flaw. This hoodie would look so much better if the pockets were more centered. Because of the wide pocket spacing, when my hands are not in the kangaroo pockets the sweatshirt is extremely goofy in the stomach area. Not a good look.

The back looks fine, and I like the carbon footprint labeling. I think it's unique and small enough that it doesn't look strange. The fabric feels like a French Terry cotton. It's soft, but it didn't feel super soft to me which is what I am looking for these days. It's a medium weight hoodie. There's a chance sizing down would have been more flattering, but it would have been a tighter fit overall and I wanted something more relaxed.

The photo below shows the baggy front. It's very unfortunate as I really wanted to love this hoodie. Back it went. I'm happy I tried it though and got it out of my system. 

Before I sign off, there's another color that's been restocked in the Scuba Plush Hoodie! I'm hoping to see a nice purple color soon. 😊 That's it for me! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



  1. The AllBirds pine color is so pretty! It is hard to beat a LLL hoodie these days... also love my aritzia still... just the quality is more casual and I wear it to skate and walk my dog and don't mind it getting dirty.
    YAY you love the scuba full zip in natural ivory! I compared it to my 1/2 zip (before I returned it) and the 1/2 zip had bigger, baggier and slightly longer arms when I wore it but when I lined the two on top of each other, the difference wasn't noticeable. I think the fabric got softer than my older scubas too! I am interested in the carob brown hoodie too but I just got my ivory one and it's not cold enough to wear it yet D:

    1. I still have my Aritzia hoodie too. Just wish it was a little bit longer. Slightly too short for me but I'll wear it around the house.

      This morning it was 56 degrees, so it's getting there. We have a high of 78 today. I think I should be able to wear it in a couple of weeks. I definitely prefer the full zip over 1/2 zips. I need to remind myself not to get too many new pullovers because they just don't get worn as often!

    2. If it's helpful, I just ordered a few items in carob brown and it is a very true olive green, hardly any discernible brown at all. Slightly more muted than fatigue green.

    3. Thank you so much, that does help! I will probably wait for something more brown or more gray based.

  2. hi Leslie! Thanks for the fit review! The Scuba Oversized Hoodie Full Zip in Natural Ivory looks good on you! The body length is just right and the sleeves are not overly long. I agree that the AllBirds hoodie looks a little too big on you.

    My Scuba Plush has arrived. I like the relaxed fit of size 6, but it's a little too long in the body, which makes my legs look even shorter. The hoodie is so comfy though. I feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket when I wear it!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi there, looks like everyone but me has gotten their Scuba Plush. Maybe you can size down to a 4? I usually get my true to size and like the fit, it's slightly relaxed but didn't find the sleeves to be too long.

  3. This was Karen, by the way. I agree with you. My two other Scuba Plush hoodies are in size 4. I ordered one size up this time for a more relaxed fit, but I think the 6 is a tad too long on me =)

    1. Hi Karen! I see. Length might not be too bad when it gets colder. I would worry the sleeves would be too long if I sized up to a 6.

    2. Yes, the sleeves are a little long, but not too bad.

    3. I finally got my Scuba Plush! The body and sleeves are slightly longer than the others. Not by a lot, maybe half an inch longer but for some reason it feels like a major difference, maybe because it's already a little long on me to begin with. It's also very body hugging on the lower half of my hips and butt, so I am not sure I am loving it this year. Might be just the color. =T

  4. I just got my Electric Turquoise Scuba today. It's still too oversized for me, but I'm keeping it for the color. It's so, so gorgeous--more saturated and "electric" than the HH version of the color. They seem dull in comparison. I probably won't be picking up any more OS Scubas, but I do love this one despite the fit.

    1. Hi LZ! Wow, congrats the color looks amazing in the OS Scuba. I'm still looking at Carob Brown for the full zip, I guess I can always return it if I don't like it in person.


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