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Fit Review Friday! Lululemon Brushed Softstreme Split-Hem HR Crop & Athleta Venice Jogger + Peek at the New Grid Belt Bag

Happy Friday! I can't believe tomorrow will be October 1st. The temperatures are finally dropping to mid 50s in the morning but it's still hitting mid 70s by the afternoon. I'm pretty excited to break out my Oversized Scuba in Natural Ivory. This along with my recent purchase of Softstreme Funnel Neck Zip Up in the same color has me thinking about changing my wardrobe to a neutrals color palette. The arguments of pros and cons are going back and forth in my head like watching a tennis match. Pros - everything will pair so easily and there is a classic beauty with a neutral colored outfit. Just add a colorful accessory to make the outfit pop. So easy, right? The other side of my brain says, "I know YOU, YOU will get bored in two months with the same five colors in your wardrobe. Pffffft, you'll never last." 😂 

Can anyone help me out here? What is your wardrobe color palette? With that, let's get into today's fit review. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size 4 in Lululemon bottoms and size PXS in Athleta bottoms.

also wearing-

When I saw these drop, I had to try it out just because the length measures 25 inches long and that's pretty much the perfect inseam for my petite legs. I decided to size up to a 6, but I do think the size 4 would have fit as well. The 6 is a little loose at the waist and thigh but they're so comfortable I decided to keep them anyway. If the black ever restocks, I will be ordering them in my usual size 4.

I don't know about you all, but being able to buy a pair of Lululemon pants without having to hem them is a miracle. And on top of that there's a split-hem detail? My Lulu dreams have finally come true. 😆 

Am I nervous about wearing light colored bottoms? I have a very similar pair from Athleta in Abalone Gray and so far they have held up well, so I think I should be okay! 

also wearing Ebb To Street Cropped Tank Size 6

My Athleta order from the special 25% off event is slowly trickling in. The rest of my order finally arrived but I have yet to take photos. So far, the Venice Joggers in Rustic Beige do not disappoint. The color is a bit more milky than these photos show, but it's a nice medium color brown with a dash of cream. This is my second pair of Venice Joggers and I highly recommend them. The length measures 25.5 inches and it's fitted from the waist though hip and has a jogger silhouette.

Here's a quick sneak peak of the new Grid Belt Bag that is bigger than the Everywhere Belt Bag, but smaller than the Large EBB. It's in-between the two sizes and I'm going to call it the medium size EBB but quilted. I'm going to have an in-depth review of the large and the medium size coming soon! 


That's all I have for you today. For Monday's review, what do you want to see first? The Large EBB or the Grid Belt Bag? Let me know in the comments! Hope you all have an amazing first day of October!



  1. Lucky you, Leslie! The Brushed Softstreme Split-Hem High-Rise Crop Natural Ivory looks amazing on you!!! I just checked and all small sizes were sold out on the Canadian site but they might be a tad too short on me anyway. Your dream did come true LOL!

    I'm going to try the Venice Jogger next time Athleta has a sale. Athleta has too many bottoms to choose from and it's so hard to make a decision. :)

    My wardrobe has always been filled with black, grey and white pieces. I've been slowly adding some colors but it's basically just purples and teals. Getting the Wunder Puff Jacket in Heathered Plumful was indeed a huge breakthrough to me LOL. I honestly you'll get bored with a neutral palette in no time, Leslie! :DDD


    1. Hi Andrea! I really did luck out with these crops that are full length on me! I'm so happy I tried these.

      Athleta has soooo many bottoms to try. I'm sure you'll find a few new favorites easily!

      Hahahaha, I am pretty sure I would too, but it's still something I'm thinking about. I think for my October challenge I will once again try and tackle my closet! It never ends.

  2. I'm slowly turning my wardrobe into neutrals and pastels. I used to love all of the loud colors - dark red, highlight yellow, sonic pink, jet stream, lazurite, etc. Now, I prefer dark bottoms (black, navy, grey, subtle black patterns) and then lighter tops. White opal and natural ivory are some of my current favs! Maybe it's our old(er) age? :)

    1. HI LZ! You just made me laugh so hard! I kind of shrieked a little too. It could be cuz I'm now older, good point. I don't have anything too loud in my closet, maybe just the iridescent purple and a little bit of red here and there, but nothing super loud like highlighter yellow or sonic pinks. But definitely something to consider too, is it because I'm getting OLD?!!! LOL

  3. Those Softstreme pants are absolutely great on you! I can't believe they flew under my radar, and now they're all sold out in my size :( I'm not usually a brown person, but those Venice Joggers are a really nice neutral! I might have to check them out next time there's a sale.

    I must be the odd one out here, but I love colorful pieces. I do prefer neutrals for bottoms, but my closet is full of mostly pinks and purples. I loved the bright Highlight Purple and Magenta Purple stuff that came out this summer! Those colors make me happy :)

    1. Hi Lola! For my workout gear I do love colorful pieces. That's I guess the area where I don't hold back as much. I have Electric Turquoise HH shorts and I have a few bright colored tanks. But for everyday clothing I am much more subdued!

  4. hi Leslie, I would say my wardrobe is mostly neutral, blue or purple, but I do love my bright coloured Speed Up shorts! If you had to choose five colours for a capsule wardrobe, what would they be?

    The softstreme split hem pants look great on you! Size 6 was probably a good choice for Natural Ivory because you can barely see the pocket lining. I think the pocket lining will be more obvious in a size 4, at least in light colours.

    The Venice jogger in Rustic Beige looks good with your Adizero AllBirds! I'm looking forward to mine. Hope it comes soon! Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Karen! I've looked into capsule wardrobes but I can't seem to decide on the colors! Probably grays, blues and only recently ivory/cream shades. I also do love my purples too. It's kind of all over! Plus I also love pink! =D

      Good call on sizing up in the lighter colors. I didn't think about the pocket lining much since it's barely noticeable in the size 6. Let me know what you think when your Venice Joggers arrive!

  5. Wow I love that outfit color combo! This is me right now with the neutrals or colors... I have lots of colorful pieces I occasionally wear but I tend to wear my neutral pieces the most. I've stopped buying colorful pieces on LLL this year. It doesn't mean its the same five colors but muted palette and fifty shades of neutrals haha! I love the split hem on you! They're sold out now but I hope they release new colors. Those Venice joggers look so good on you and comfy!

    1. Hi Janessa! Yep, that's me I've been digging the neutrals and thinking about expanding that idea. 50 shades of neutrals! Hah, I love it. I am hoping Lulu releases more colors in the Softstreme Split-Hem Crops too.


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