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WMTM Update!!

 Today's WMTM update is too good not to share! Here are my picks from the sale, it's definitely worth checking out!

(I love these bras and have a bunch, do I need more!?)

(I wear a size 6, my regular bra size.)

(I have not tried this one, anyone?)

(I wear a size 4, review here.)


  1. I got smoked spruce WT 28" to hem to 24/25" and the take it on crossbody to match! I also want waterdrop WT's and waterdrop POC but I already have iron blue... and I'm thinking I don't need two blue POC's... so I tell myself! I am still waiting for my lavender dew In Alignment bra to be delivered (tmr) so I didn't buy rhino grey. I gotta see if I like the fit first.
    On a side note I bought dance studio joggers second hand and they are amazing!! I can't believe I've never tried a pair. I stuck to my TTS and it hits me above my belly button so I can pair it with crop tops!

    1. Waterdrop is really pretty though, it's like a mix of purple and blue. Oh can't wait to see if you like the In Alignment Bra, I hope you do!

      I tried on the Dance Studio Crops a couple of years ago. The waistband came up a little high on me. I'm glad they worked out for you! I'm still waiting for my Tidewater Teal order. I am hoping they release a lot more in that color!

    2. I've never tried a bra like the In Alignment before!! It is sooo soft and it molds perfectly to my body minimal padding which I prefer! Usually padded bralettes give me weird seams under shirts or has padding that never fits my small chest. Not this! I absolutely love how it fits and can't wait to try it with my LLL shirts. I wish the straps were thinner so I could wear them under tanks but I think the thicker straps make it more comfortable and probably retain their shape longer. I have soo many LLL bras so I have to see how much I wear this first before I buy more hehe. Thanks for the reccomendation!

    3. Yay! So glad you like it Janessa, now you understand why I ask, do I really need another one on sale?? I think I have 4 or 5 of these and about 20 other Lululemon bras, but I will say that this bra basically replaced my underwire bra. I got rid of my entire underwire bra collection except for one.


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