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Fit Review Friday! Athleisurewear meets Naked Cashmere!

Happy Friday! This purchase was part of my 40th birthday present. I've been wanting some cashmere pieces since I've never had any before. Hard to believe right? I've had pieces that had a percentage of cashmere but never a full 100% cashmere top. When Naked Cashmere released their new February collection, a few pieces caught my eye. Athleisurewear and cashmere? Yes please! 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wear size XS in Naked Cashmere. In Lululemon I'm typically a size 4 or XS in tops.

The moment I put this hoodie on, I knew it was a keeper. I'm actually wearing it right now. It's the ultimate luxury work from home top. Since I no longer have to dress up, especially if I have no Zoom meetings for the day, I'm throwing on my hoodies. This is recycled cashmere and it's very soft. It does not itch or irritate my skin at all. The quality is amazing and this one is made of 286 grams of cashmere. It is light weight but still very warm. I love this so much I actually am considering picking this up in gray in the future.

This hoodie is slightly oversized. The sleeves are a little long but they can be cuffed up. I didn't realize the drawstrings are uneven until after I was editing the photos. Oops! This top would actually look really great ever so slightly tucked into a pair of comfy joggers. I kind of wish the matching joggers were petite friendly. 

The color is a pale cotton candy pink. I am loving the soft subtle colors Naked Cashmere offers. I'm really surprised at how much I like this pullover hoodie. 


Next up we have the Krystie Zip Up Hoodie. I ordered this in two colors thinking I was going to keep one for sure. The weight of this hoodie is a little heavier at 364 grams of cashmere. The fit is relaxed but the length is just a little too short for my liking. I don't think I would have reached for this as much as the pullover hoodie. The storm gray is an amazing soft gray that almost looks silver. I really would like to have the Joni Hoodie in this color! 

I think the length of this hoodie hits at a weird place for me. For those with a longer torso it would look more like how it should, a cropped top. A little longer and I think it would have worked better on my frame. That said, it's still amazingly comfortable. 

I can't state enough about the high quality. It's definitely expensive but I think worth the money. I also ordered this in silk rain. Silk rain is a muted pink, kind of a taupe. It's very pretty in person. Between the storm gray and silk rain, I definitely prefer the gray.

Last but not least I ordered the Karen Scarf. This is the heaviest item weighing in at 465 grams of cashmere. This is a thick scarf. It's also gigantic and can actually be used three ways. It can be worn as a wrap or used as a blanket or throw if you're watching TV on the couch. I plan on wrapping it around me in bed while reading a book. I actually used this during my Zoom call today! So cozy and warm with a cup of tea in my hands. The condo is at 65 degrees which is a little chilly, but that's how I like it.  It would also be great as a traveling blanket. It would come in handy during a road trip or airplane ride -whenever that happens again! I even pulled out a chair for a few photos pretending I'm going on a trip somewhere. 😆

I think I see something out the window! 😆

This is a very warm and cozy scarf.

Can you picture it? Me on an airplane using this as a blanket? Airplanes are always chilly!


Worn as a wrap and if you're really fancy you can style this with a belt.

So far I haven't experienced any pilling, yet. I do expect that it will eventually happen. To prepare for this, I picked up a travel comb for $12. 

One more thing before I sign off, each piece arrives in its very own bag for storage. I kind of love that Naked Cashmere offers this! I'm definitely a Naked Cashmere fan and look forward to all their future collections! 

That's it for me! Have a great weekend! 


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  1. Love cashmere. At least the nice soft ones. All the styles look nice on you. My favorites are the gray zip up and the Karen scarf. Classic and classy. That scarf will definitely feel cozy on the plane. The storage bags are a must! Great review as always.

    1. Thanks Sherry! If I were to keep one of the zip ups, it would have been the gray. Just wish it was maybe a tad longer. Hoping they will release another style in a zip up.

  2. I used to love cashmere pieces but now I only wear clothes that can be thrown into a washing machines! :D. Of all the four pieces I love the Karen Scarf the most! It looks so soft and luxurious! I’m sure you’ll make a lot of use out of it!

    1. Haha, yes I am slightly anxious about taking care of the cashmere. But I can always dry clean, which isn't terrible but I would like to try washing by hand and see how it comes out, the instructions on the website make it seem pretty easy!

  3. My favourite is the Joni Hoodie Sandy! It looks light and luxurious and the length is perfect on you! The muted pink is soft and very pretty! Love it!

    1. Thanks Karen! I really want the Joni in the gray too. So hard for me not to pull the trigger!

  4. Those cashmere colors are so dang beautiful... if LLL comes out with some items in those exact colors... oh my! I love the gray and pale pink

    1. Yes, they're so soft and pretty. I wish Lulu would release more cashmere pieces but the price might be insane.


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