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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Coaster Luxe Sweatshirt, Mala Hoodie Dress, Legend Oversized Jacket, Tugga Long Sherpa Jacket

Happy Friday! I have a really great Athleta review for you guys today and just letting you all know that I did place a Lululemon order this week for a few fit requests so I aim to have that up next week. Hopefully packages aren't taking too long now that the holidays are over. Let's get to it!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. For Athleta this translates to XXS or PXS.

This sweatshirt is beyond soft. It's Athleta's softest fabric. The feel of it is amazing and it's one of those pieces you never want to take off, it's that comfortable. The fit is relaxed and just ever so slightly oversized on my petite frame. The length is long and provides full coverage.  

There is a side slit that allows you to move freely without restrictions and the length of the sleeves are a little long but nothing to really complain about. There are thumbholes, yay! This sweatshirt comes in petite sizes 👏 and I would say it runs true to size with room to spare. This makes an excellent lounging piece for stay at home life. Let's be real, most of us won't be leaving our houses anytime soon. Might as well be comfy. Reviews say this top does pill with wear, so I picked a heathered color which I find helps mask pilling. 

Next up, the Mala Hoodie Dress definitely caught my eye. Dresses are not usually my thing, but hoodies are- so what happens when you combine the two? Let's find out.

There are four colors to choose from. Navy, canyon red, light oatmeal heather and black. I normally stay away from black, but I went with it because when in doubt that's the color I resort to. I just wasn't 100% sure about the canyon red. The navy is nice but, but I think when it comes down to it, black is probably  the easiest to pair with sneakers and leggings. You can wear all kinds of leggings with black. 

This hoodie dress also comes in petite! It is why I love Athleta so much and they just get better and better. This is probably the best casual dress I've come across and something I would actually wear. I am wearing size petite XS and I think it fits nicely. There's a very athletic chic vibe going on with this dress. I love the styling of the sleeves. No thumbholes, but I forgive them this time around. 

Fabric is medium weight soft brushed terry, There's a decent amount of stretch which is why it's so comfortable. The one thing I did wish was different are the pockets. They're a little too shallow for a phone or anything important. If the pockets were slightly deeper, this dress would be perfect. Even the length of this dress works well for my almost 5 foot frame. It's slightly longer than mid thigh. Price is $129 which I think it's not bad, but better if you can get 20% off with my Referral Link. It's definitely well made. 

Next up, we have the Legend Oversized Jacket which is currently on sale for more than half off. I decided to give it a try. Just as the name states, this jacket is oversized. I am wearing size XXS and it's still really roomy. I feel like a kid wearing my big brother's jacket. This limited edition jacket is exclusive to the Allyson Felix collection. 

Fabric is lightweight and does make the swishing noise as the fabric rubs together. There are some really nice details to this jacket that gets a little lost because of the color. There's a lot of details on the back and sleeves with grosgrain trim. 

Styled with the sleeves pushed up and the jacket takes on another look. I think the poofy sleeves definitely makes the jacket look even bigger. I like how the jacket looks with the sleeves pushed up. Overall this jacket is just too oversized and overwhelming for my petite frame even though the length is okay.

Pocket zipper detail.

Last but not least, we have the Tugga Long Sherpa Jacket. Some of you might recall I tried this on last year. I passed on it last year and totally regretted it. I really hope sherpa has some staying power because I really love how soft and warm it is. Since I already reviewed this I won't go into too much detail. 

I'm wearing size XXS and it's still oversized on me, but in a very cute way. At least I think so! It's super snuggly and this one is a keeper. I've already worn this out in 30 degree weather and it kept me toasty warm. I have zero complaints so far. 

The hood is removable!

I also love the inside is lined. 

That's it for me!! Let me know what you think of these pieces, especially the Mala Hoodie Dress. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe!



  1. You’ve finally found your dream sherpa jacket! :D

  2. Ohhh- that Sherpa looks great on you! I would absolutely get it except I bought the Kate spade Sherpa jacket 2 month ago. The mala hoodie dress fits nice and looks comfy. Would look cute with sneakers. The luxe sweatshirt looks good on you too! For me, if the description says “pilling occurs” that’s a deal breaker. Thanks for your great reviews- really appreciate that you have been doing the try ons during this pandemic, because I seem to be doing more shopping while at home! Lol

    1. You're welcome! I was surprised at how much I like the Mala Hoodie dress. Looking forward to wearing it. The sherpa is the clear favorite of the bunch. Thanks for coming by!

  3. The Mala Hoodie Dress looks very nice on you and it seems very comfortable too! I think black is a great choice for the dress.

    I love the sherpa jacket on you! The hip length will keep you warm and it's not so long that it's overwhelming. You look very cute and snuggly in it! Definitely a keeper!

    Thanks for the fit reviews! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Karen! Loving all except for the Legend Oversized Jacket. Pretty decent haul. Have a nice weekend!

  4. The coaster sweatshirt looks soo cozy and the color is perfect. Let's be real most of us aren't leaving our houses soon... cries D: hahhaha. I love the idea of a hoodie dress and it looks so cute on you but that's one item I've never ever tried. The lining on the sherpa hoodie makes it extra luxe! I'd be so afraid to stain that cream color but it really is so pretty. Happy Friday and a great weekend!

    1. If you try the hoodie dress let me know how you like it. I have the same sherpa jacket in the short version and it's held up decently. I think it in the wash and dryer and so far so good. Have a great weekend!


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