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Fit Review! Aritzia TNA Super Puff Shorty & The Little Fuzzy Puff


Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! I loved doing nothing for a few days. I got to relax and spent quality time with my furkids and husband. I also took a ton of photos - so I guess not all of it was doing nothing! This year I wanted to replace a few of my winter jackets. It took me a long time to find new coats but I think I finally found two winners!

Both jackets are TNA - which stands for Talula National Athletics which is a Aritzia clothing brand.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Here I am trying on size small and XS in TNA/Aritzia. This is the first time I'm trying this brand.

The Little Fuzzy Puff Stone Taupe Size Small

What drew me to the Little Fuzzy Puff is the inside fleece lining. It is super soft and cozy. The fleece lining is only on the hood and body of the jacket. This jacket is water resistant and wind resistant. It's also very light weight and packable. The fabric on the outside is very soft, similar to the Wunder Puff jacket. 

After reading reviews, which were very mixed in regards to sizing up or staying true to size, I went with a size small. I think if you are not looking to layer,  you can stick to your true to size. For me I would have went with XS as true to size. The size up gives me room to layer. I can wear a sweater underneath this, with no problem. The length almost covers the bum. The sleeves  are just slightly too long, but it's not a bad thing considering it's a winter jacket. 

This is RDS Certified and 700+ goose down. This keeps you warmest at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. I have worn this at night when it was in the mid 20s and I can say it did a good job at keeping me warm. The pockets have zippers, but the zippers are very thin and somewhat fragile. I wouldn't recommend using the zipper very often. 

I find these types of zippers to be finicky.

The hood does not have an adjustable drawstring. No drawstring at the bottom of the coat either.

The color is called stone taupe but currently sold out. It's a almond brown with a hint of bronze. Very pretty during the daylight. The other colors are currently on sale for $75-$99 and is definitely worth the money. Other colors available are red, black and heathered black. I'll have all the links at the bottom of this post.

Remember when I tried on the Wunder Puff jacket in heathered plumful? I ended up returning it because it was just too poofy in the lower half of the body. I LOVED that color though and would get pangs of regret whenever I thought about it. I came cross the Super Puff Shorty in iridescent mulberry and jumped on it because the color reminded me of heathered plumful. After reading reviews I settled on the XS for this one. Everyone said to size down one or two sizes. I was fairly certain I could have gone for the XXS, but I was worried about the wrist cuffs. I wasn't sure if I would like it because some of the reviews said the cuffs were too tight in the XXS/XXXS. I can't believe they make a XXXS! 

Cuffs are not too tight! 

This shade is a deeper purple than heathered plumful. I love it! This one is definitely a jacket for very cold temperatures. According to the website it will keep you warmest at -20 degrees Celsius / -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Let's take a look at the inside of the jacket.

Has a zippered pocket on the left side of the jacket.

RDS certified. 700+ Goose Down.
Also water repellent fabric.

There are drawcords at the hem to customize the look. I have them cinched in just a little bit.

This jacket is shorter than the Wunder Puff Jacket. The Super Puff Shorty is probably more similar to the Wunder Puff Cropped Jacket, if Lulu released it in heathered plumful I would have bought that in a split second. If you do prefer the longer length and not the cropped, it is available for $25 more. Which really isn't bad at all. I went with the cropped length because I do find it to be more flattering on my petite frame. I think the longer length will definitely keep your lower half warm, it just isn't as flattering on my short frame. I also live in Atlanta, so it doesn't usually get that cold here. Although the past week it's been in the 20s at night! 

Adjustable hood option to really pull the hood tight over your head.

The pockets have a snap closure.

I only really have one gripe with this jacket. If I zip the jacket completely closed all the way to the top- the collar is a bit too high for me. It hits my chin. The collar is also really stiff right there so there's no way I can push it down, it doesn't have any give. I guess that's to keep the wind out? I have to say this jacket is made really well for the price. Between the two TNA jackets, this one is my favorite.

One last thing I would like to mention. The fabric is not as soft as the Wunder Puff jacket. The Wunder Puff is super soft. But being super soft has a price. My other two down jackets from Lululemon were prone to nicks and scratches. The Super Puff fabric seems to be a little tougher and not as soft as the Little Fuzzy Puff and Wunder Puff Jacket, but we'll see how it holds up. It definitely feels more substantial.

I think this is a great alternative to the Wunder Puff heathered plumful.

What do you think of the TNA jackets? Which jacket do you like better? Wunder Puff or Super Puff Shorty? Let me know what you think! 



  1. I like both jackets on you! The clear winner is the Aritzia Super Puff Shorty in Iridescent Mulberry! The color and the fit are much better than Lulu's Wunder Puff Jacket in Heathered Plumful IMO. TBH I am not a pink person, one of the reasons for me to return the Lulu jacket was the color. I would have kept it if it were more purple like Aritzia's. Have a great week!

    1. I love pinks and purples! More of a purple gal, but I would never so no to a pretty pink. Maybe try the Super Puff? =) You never know!

  2. I was delighted to see your review this morning. I have that exact Super Puff on order and should be receiving it today! Seeing your photos side by side, I think the Super Puff is a better color than the Wunder Puff, and I think the cut is way more flattering as well. I'm loving the Fuzzy Puff on you as well!

    1. Nice! I'm so excited for you! Let me know what you think when it arrives!

    2. I looooove the jacket! I sized down one from the suggested size on the Aritzia chart, and it fits great! The sleeves aren't too long , which is a refreshing change from Lulu outerwear. I can't stop looking at it - it's such a pretty color :)

    3. Awesome!! Yes it's a really nice looking jacket. I'm excited and can't wait to wear it out.

  3. Thanks for the fit review, Leslie! You made me wanna get the Little Fuzzy Puff and I love the teddy bear fleece lining! Unfortunately the only available colors are red, black and black heather. Not a red person and I don’t need another jacket in black or grey ... :(

    The Super Puff Shorty is also a winner! The color is nicer than Lululemon’s Heathered Plumful and like you, I love that it’s more purple and pink. I wish it were a tad longer though.

    1. I have the Super Puffy Shorty cinched, so it does look shorter. Otherwise if you prefer the regular version, it is long enough to cover the bum. I have it linked at the bottom of my review. =) Worth checking out!

  4. Hi Leslie! Its cindy! So nice to see you review Aritzia. Both puffes look good on you but for more coverage I prefer the longer one. I'm not a fan of cropped tops and jackets on myself (just looks really odd on me) unless i was to layer with something longer underneath. Were you able to see the Cashlu knit pullover and the beyond studio 7/8 joggers on the US site? Was wondering if you can do a review on those items.

    1. Hi Cindy! I will order the Cashlu Knit Pullover - although I think the colors available will totally wash me out. I like the Beyong Studio 7/8 Joggers. I'm looking forward to trying that on. Thanks for the suggestions!


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