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Review! Comfy Slippers OluKai Nohea and Sorel Nakishka Slipper II


Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I'm currently waiting for my Lululemon order to arrive. They're due to arrive today. I hope to have a fit review up for Friday. Back in March when I started working from home full time, I bought myself a new pair of Ugg slippers. My old pair lasted about 4 years and it was finally time to put it in the trash. I was so disappointed that my new pair of slippers only lasted 7 months!! Granted I wear them 12 hours a day but I would still expect them to last longer than that. They felt hard as rocks to walk in, and started to actually hurt my feet and all the shearling started to come off, which made me wonder if it was actually fake shearling. I am sad to say that Ugg's quality has really gone down the drain and I cannot recommend them anymore. It was time to search for other brand of slippers. 

For reference I normally wear a size 5 or 5.5 in shoes. I purchased size 5 in slippers.

I'm sure you noticed I also purchased two pairs for my husband too. We have the same pair of OluKai Moloa slippers. The other pair he has is the Sorel Manawan. He was the one to suggest he have a summer pair and a winter pair. I said "You're so fancy, you're more fancy than me." But then I wanted to be just as fancy so I got myself a summer pair too. 😆 I was originally happy with my one pair of Sorels. I actually think the OluKai Moloa slippers are nice enough to even wear outside but they will remain fancy house slippers.

The reason the OluKai's are for summer is that they're super soft but they're not lined with plushy faux shearling like the Sorel's. It's more of a thin lining of shearling. The outside is super soft suede. The footbed is removable and made of merino wool. The one thing that totally won me over was how soft and comfortable they felt on my feet. I am very excited about these. I actually can't wait for spring/summer so I can make the switch. There is very minimal arch support in case anyone was wondering. For the most part, I don't find many slippers to have good arch support. 

The sole is made of gum rubber.

The Sorel Nakishka Slipper is definitely a winter slipper. It's got super thick plushy shearling all around the inside of the slipper. It will keep your feet toasty warm. I don't know about you but my feet are always cold. You'll never find me walking around barefoot. The Sorel's are made of suede but the trim is faux fur, but they are still very warm. They're fairly easy to slip into although not as easy as a slide. I like the heel coverage for colder months. My old Uggs were slides and the back of my foot was always chilly, sometimes I had to throw on socks! These remedy that.

The bottom is textured rubber. It feels gummy but offers excellent traction.

His and hers. Flash approves!

I hope these last longer than 8 months. I'll update you all if they don't! But for now I'm very happy with them. That's it for me. Hope you all have a fantastic week! 


OluKai Nohea Slipper

OluKai Collection

Sorel Nakishka Slipper

Sorel Collection


  1. Those slippers look so comfy and cozy and cute!! I often just walk around barefoot or use fuzzy socks here in winter but it also doesn't get very cold.

  2. Agree with you about the lack of quality in Uggs these days. I tried a pair of Sorel slippers a couple of years ago but didn’t like how I couldn’t just slide my feet into them. I actually have a pair of Skechers slippers with a hard, rubber sole that are faux-fur lined that I’ve worn for three years now that I like better than my Ugg slippers! Half the price, too.

    1. I think Target slippers are more durable than Uggs at this point! I had a pair I wore for a couple of years that weren't bad and they were $16... I wonder if Target still makes them.


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