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Fit Review! Rothy's Merino Wool Camel Herringbone Points


Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend! I've updated the look of my blog. A few of you asked for email notifications. Click on the subscribe link at the top right corner and new posts will be sent straight to your inbox! Please let me know what you think and if you see anything funny going on, definitely let me know. I'm still playing around with it but would love to hear some feedback.

Can you guys believe it's already mid November? The holidays are right around the corner. Normally I would be heading back to NY to visit my family but not this year. On the other hand this will be the first Thanksgiving I get to spend with my husband in 4 years. I was thinking it would be nice to stay at home and have a Thanksgiving meal (he will be the one cooking of course) and maybe actually put something nice on instead of my usual joggers and pullover. What are you all doing for the holidays? I really want to go back and visit my friends and family, but I just can't risk it. 😔

Let's get on with the fit review. These are the merino wool camel herringbone points. I love Rothy's and have quite a number of pairs already but I have been lusting over the merino wool version. I normally wear a size 5 in The Point and purchased these in the same size.

These are absolutely beautiful! 😍 I wasn't sure what to expect since these are made of merino wool, but they are so soft to slip on. The color is a subtle orange/brown herringbone that looks very classic for fall and upcoming holidays. It would definitely spice up any outfit. 

How do they fit compared to The Point? These run about half a size larger. You can see in the above photo I have room on the sides of my foot. The back of the heel also fits loose and when I walk my heel slips out. So unfortunate because I was really hoping to add this pair to my collection as I was eyeing these for a couple of months now. I'm wearing a size 5 which is the smallest size Rothy's currently offers. With a lot of sadness I am returning these. 😢

They are SO beautiful.

Since these are made of merino wool, they have special care instructions. You can still throw them in the washing machine which I find amazing. 


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In other news, I just purchased another vintage Balenciaga. Some of you may know I love handbags possibly even more than I love Lululemon. Shhhh... Here is my new to me Lilac City 2003. 

I'd say about 90% of my handbags were purchased second hand. I personally don't mind and I love the vintage vibe. Seeing a bag slightly worn in gives it character. I know it's not for everyone but this is the only way I could indulge in my handbag hobby. I could never afford it brand new from the boutiques. This way I can snag a bag I've been eyeing for a third of the retail price, plus it's good for the planet. I'm also somewhat of a Balenciaga collector and I've been buying and selling for about 15 years. I do dabble in other brands but I always seem to go back to Balenciaga. 

If you're interested in buying a second hand bag/accessory, I highly recommend Fashionphile. They are currently having a special Little Luxuries Sale which they almost NEVER do. Save $50 off orders over $500. Starts tomorrow and will be for 72 hours only.

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That's it for me! Here's to another fantastic week. Stay safe everyone!


  1. The new look of your blog is a nice update! Those merino wool Rothy's look luxe and comfortable. It's too bad that they fall off your ankles. I have that problem with many slip-on shoes!

    1. Thanks!! Rothy's normally does not as long as they fit, but these just run big. =( I'm still so sad!

  2. I love the new look of your blog! :)

    I love that Balenciaga purse! It’s beautiful. The color is gorgeous. I have three purses on rotate, they are all Bed Stu brand and I’ve never found anything that I like quite as much as theirs. I tend to stick with neutrals when it comes to my handbags. I do love the worn in look of your Balenciaga! It makes me smile.

    1. Thank you!

      I can't imagine only having 3 purses on rotation. I guess that makes them well loved and put to good use. I used to have under a dozen and thought that was my magic number, but then my collection just grew and grew... LOL!

  3. I love the new blog format which is pretty neat!

    Also loving your Balenciaga bag and the lilac color is so pretty! Most of my leather bags are in neutral colors but I do have one scarlet Roots Olivia bag and the color is to die for! :)

    While I love that leather bags have their own “personalities”, I find myself reaching for Lululmeon bags most of the time in the let few years, as leather bags can get quite heavy even with nothing inside LOL!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I've always been drawn to colored bags, they just make me happy! My go to bag right now is the Everywhere Belt Bag. I don't think I'll be using my leather bags until things go back to normal. =(

  4. I like the font and coloring of the new layout! It's easy to read and looks pretty. Those herringbone flats are so cute and would match so many earth tone LLL outfits. I'm loving anything brown and rust and warm colored rn
    That bag color is so pretty! It seems like it'd match a lot of your LLL cause of the pinky mauve lol!

    1. Thank you Janessa! I love a good rust color for fall. It's the perfect blend of just the right amount of brown and red. I have a good rust colored bag, but nothing in terms of clothing. I might need to change that!

  5. Yay—just subscribed! The new look is really nice, too.

    I went back and forth between Birdies and Rothy’s, decided on the Birdies, and ended up returning them. They were Herons with the cute widow’s peak-looking detail, but the velvet was too delicate and wouldn’t look nice for long. Maybe I’ll give Rothy’s a try when the office reopens.

    As for bags, I used to love Ted Baker but these days I use my mini City Adventurer backpack for hands-free errands!

    1. Thanks! I tried Birdies too, it was a pair of velvet loafers but I found they also ran large and I was sized out. Ted Baker always catches my eye. They have some amazing designs.


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