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Fit Review Friday! Peaceful Moments Pullover, Scuba High Rise Jogger, Ebb To Street Tank


Happy Friday! We made it to the end of another week. I hope you're all staying safe out there. I'm actually on vacation all of next week. Normally I would be in NY to visit. I'll still be updating as usual since it will be more of a staycation, but I'm fine with that. I plan on binging through a ton of shows. Currently watching the fourth season of The Crown and loving it. Emma Corrin who plays Princess Diana is absolutely stunning. The other show I'm watching that's also binge worthy is The Queen's Gambit. I love seeing a woman kick an arrogant man's ass! You wouldn't think a show revolving around playing chess would be binge worthy, but trust me it is. Alright  that's enough rambling from me, let's get on with today's review. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. 

When I first saw this pullover pop up I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. I love the high collar, love the ribbed texture and the crop length. But the sleeves are putting me off a bit. They poof out at the arms and kind of reminds me of a jester's outfit. I ordered it anyway, thinking there's a chance I may actually like it more in person. I'm wearing XS/S in the graphite gray and it is made of a super soft cotton blend. It almost feels like there may be wool in there, but there isn't. The fabric drapes very nicely. Even though the cut is wide and boxy, I find it to be flattering on my petite frame. 

The high collar can be folded down or pulled up. It's very modern looking which I love. I just can't decide on the sleeves. They're a tad too long so it bunches up around the wrist. What do you guys think? The price point is also high. $128 plus tax puts it nearly around $138. Ouch! This is one of those pieces where I think if the price was $79 I would like it more. 😅

Next up we have the Scuba High-Rise Jogger in heathered violet verbena. I'm wearing my usual size 4. This is definitely a medium weight jogger. The fabric feels thick, just like a regular Scuba Hoodie. The waistband is comfortable and has a drawstring tie if you need to cinch it in more. Even though it is high rise the waistband is right underneath my belly button.  I love the pockets, they're very roomy.

The jogger fits well at the waist and hip but that's where all the good things end. Everything below my thighs are too big and baggy. The length is 29 inches long and I have them cuffed underneath. My inseam is usually 25 inches, maybe 26 so if you're taller with a longer inseam it may work for you. I do love the color and how soft these felt. 

I also think the price point is high at $118 plus tax. The best joggers I've found so far are still Vuori's Performance Jogger. They're not as thick as the Scuba Jogger but in terms of fit and comfort, they are excellent. I'm hoping they will release a thicker version!

Last but not least I finally tried the Ebb To Street Tank! I love wearing the Ebb To Street Bra when I workout so decided to see if the tank was something that I could also incorporate into my workout wardrobe. I normally wear a size 6 in the Ebb To Street Bra and ordered the same size in the tank. I should mention that the description says the tank is for B/C cup sizes which is why I put it off for so long but the models look fairly small on top so I decided to try it even though I'm an A cup, sometimes even AA. 

Even though the cups are a little roomy I still think I could wear it. It didn't feel like my boobs were flopping around in there. The band isn't as tight as the bra version but I think it would be fine for low impact workouts. The one thing I'm not sure I like is the band from the shelf bra is noticeable. It's not there on the model wearing desert teal, but you can see it on the model wearing blue cast. The length however is fairly long on me. If I pull it all the way down I'm pretty sure it almost covers my bum. If I let it slouch a little it hits at the fullest part of my hip. For $58 I would say it's a fair price considering most bras are $48 and up. The fabric is very soft and I found it very comfy to wear. Let me know what you think about the line showing through the tank. I'm on the fence! 

That's it for me! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



  1. It’s a tough decision when it comes to the Peaceful Moments Pullover. It looks cute in some pictures but the poofed out sleeves bother me a lot in others. Like you, I can’t decide on the sleeves and for that price, it’d better be perfect!

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice the Scuba High-Rise Jogger looks on you! I try to stay away from high rise pants but the rise on this jogger is not as high as I thought, and the color is soooo pretty! However, it will probably be too long on me and joggers cannot be hemmed. Also don’t think I wanna pay that much for a pair of jogger. Why are Lulu stuff getting so expensive?

    The Ebb To Street Tank looks so comfy and I love the color too, but the bra band line does bother me. The bra band is thick and the line lies right above the stomach which is kind of funny in my opinion.

    Thanks for the fit review! Toronto is going into another lockdown starting from next Monday. :(. Please stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes I am not liking how expensive Lululemon is getting. I still spend quite a bit of money every year but big ticket items better be perfect. I may try the Ebb To Street Tank in a smaller size and see if the band sits higher up. It does look a little low.

      I heard about Toronto. I have family in Toronto as well. It would be hilarious if you knew them! Stay safe friend.

  2. The Scuba jogger is thick and cozy. It actually does not look super long on me 5"1. A store manager told me that they would hem it, which may vary from store to store. The reason that I did not keep it is because it bags out a bit. I can't justify paying full price for a pair of pajama pants. I will get it if it is significantly marked down. In my opinion, ETS tank only looks good in black due to the band issue.

    I was going to a store to try a few things on this weekend to get ready for the Black Friday markdown, which is rumored to start next Monday. With the case number skyrocketing, I should just stay home. Be safe and have a relaxing weekend!

    1. Interesting that they can hem the jogger! Didn't know that they also bag out. Definitely not good considering the high price point. Thanks for the tip on the ETS tank! I'll try the black since I really like it.

      I can't believe how high the cases are. We are right under 200K new cases for yesterday. I won't be heading into any stores until it lowers significantly. I already know of a few friends who have parents with covid. One passed away earlier this week. =(

      Stay safe!!

  3. I agree with Andrea. It might be the seam on the arms that make it poof out too much and also seems to hang in an odd place. Glad the rise on the jogger are lower, but for that price it should fit perfect. Why can’t they offer the ‘Asia fit’ in the US? They can just call it ‘petite’. What a concept! LoL! The tank does look a little long for you. The band is not where it should be. Maybe a smaller size? Maybe we saved you some money? LoL. Thanks for your reviews- you have definitely saved ME money ;).
    Also, lululemon has saved me money too. The prices have gone up and now, I have to really ‘think’ about a purchase - will I get a lot of use out of it? Do I need it? Do I love it? LoL!

    1. Hah! I've been whining about petite sizing in Lulu forever, but if that did every come to the US, my bank account would be screaming at me. LOL.

      You're welcome! Glad to save you some money. I am still going to try the ETS tank in a smaller size and see if that works. I do like it!

      Speaking of thinking about my purchase of the new Scuba Hoodie Plush- I think it feels even thinner than last year's version... It's really making me reconsider keeping it.

  4. The Peaceful Moments pullover is cute but I definitely think it's pricey and might go on sale. The Scuba Jogger looks so plush and beautiful I wish it were petite friendly! I love that heathered violet verbana color. All the bands on my ETS tanks are slightly visible but it doesn't bother me much. My align tanks in lighter colors also show the band so I've just accepted it. They do run long and I didn't like wearing mine til I got them hemmed! Now I like to wear mine often.
    I'm excited for LLL Black Friday but I'm also nervous I'll like too many things haha!

    1. I have never had a tank hemmed before. Unsure if I would do it... I guess I won't be doing that anytime soon anyway because of Covid. Will have to wait until things go back to normal.

      I only have two Align Tanks, both are diamond dye and haven't noticed the band line. Maybe because they're prints. Something to keep in mind!

      I'm excited for Black Friday week! I heard it will start Monday? Athleta is also doing a 20% off sale right now... It's going to be a bad week for my bank account. LOL.

  5. Love that Athleta sale! You need to order off the app for the 20% offer so I downloaded it. I got a pair of the Ranier tights—so plush inside—in a petite size. They are the correct length for me.

    1. I have about 4 items in my cart. Just trying to decide if I definitely only want those 4 items lol. The Ranier tights look super nice in the purple!


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