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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Mission Hoodie and Spirit Wool Cashmere Wrap


Happy Friday! What a week! It's finally chilly in Atlanta and as I'm typing up this post, I'm actually wearing the Mission Hoodie and Spirit Wool Cashmere Wrap. I've worn the Mission Hoodie on its own before but haven't worn the two pieces together and let me tell ya, it feels so nice and cozy. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size XXS/XS/PXS in Athleta. For Lululemon tops I usually wear a size 4.

Also wearing Werkshop Owl Leggings (I'm wearing size Small)

Athlete has really stepped up their game this year. I actually really love the style and fit of the Mission Hoodie. The fabric is soft and very smooth and high quality. The fit is loose, but I wouldn't say it is oversized. I'm wearing size XS and could probably have sized down to XXS. The front is shorter than the back and there is a side slit. I think this sweatshirt is meant to cool you off rather than keep you warm but if I am wearing is as a layering piece and I find it to be just so comfortable. 

Even though I dig the loose fit these days, this hoodie doesn't look sloppy. The color is a dark brown. I don't usually gravitate towards brown but I loved the combo of shale and taupe heather. 

I just threw on the Spirit Wool Cashmere Wrap over the Mission Hoodie and just fell in love with the combination. I wasn't 100% sure that the owl leggings worked so I switched to On The Fly Pant after a few photos. 

I'm wearing size XXS here and the length hits just above my knees. The sleeves are a little long but it isn't bothersome. The wool cashmere blend is very soft but if you're really sensitive it might be a little itchy. However, easily remedied by wearing a long sleeve underneath it. I love the oversized pockets. 

From the side the leggings look funny, so I switched to On The Fly Pant. 😅 This wrap also has a side slit. I found this to be true to size even though it's a relaxed fit. The color is a heathered taupe that is just so pretty. It's the perfect fall color. Reminds me of walking around Central Park looking at all the leaves turning colors. There's a chill in the air from a slight breeze but it's totally fine because I'm all cozy with a wrap and scarf. Those are the moments I miss living in New York. I hope to be able to visit soon. I miss my family and friends!

I love this outfit. It's such a cool-casual effortless vibe going on. Makes me feel cozy, confident and carefree! Definitely need some positive energy for a crazy week we're having. Cases are up 100K a day and it's also election week! I need some serious R&R this weekend to re-energize.

Love the textures!

I highly recommend this wrap. There's three other colors to choose from. I have a feeling I'll be reaching for this wrap quite often in the next few months. 


See what's new from Athleta!

(I really love this entire outfit right here!)

(I have this in my cart.)

(New color!)

(I am loving these light colors lately.)

(Very pretty/romantic print.)

That's it for me!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. I love both items and they surprisingly go really nice together! The cashmere wrap looks luxurious and I wish wish wish we had Athleta in Canada! :D

    I made a trip to a Lululemon store this morning and it was very quiet, probably because today is a weekday, Lots of new stuff and I was tempted to get the Radiant Jacket in Violet Verbena. It’s such a pretty color but too bad I already have the same jacket in a similar color.

    Heathered Desert Teal (Scuba Light) is also very pretty. I’m hoping to see more teal and purple colors this fall and winter.

    1. Haha, I wish you would get Athleta too! You guys are missing out!

      I'm still on the fence on the Radiant Jacket this season. I keep kicking myself for skipping the heathered spanish oak earlier this year. I really love the heathered look. Maybe they will release more colors.

  2. I love all these brown colors!

    1. I don't usually gravitate towards brown, but this season I am really digging it.

  3. The Mission Hoodie and Spirit Wool Cashmere Wrap look very stylish together, especially when you pair them with your OTF pants! I can see that the dark brown / taupe would go well with plum/purple shades too! Thanks for the fit review! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Karen! Oh yeah, I need to pair it with some plum purple shades. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I purchased the Athleta Balance Sweatshirt in black a few weeks ago and ended up returning it, I liked how soft and cozy it was but didn’t think it was worth the $119 price tag. The waistband was a bit constricting for me too.

    1. Oh noooo. Hmmm that's too bad. I wonder if I would have the same issue with the waistband. Would sizing up help with that?

    2. I tried sizing up one size and still didn’t love it. The waistline bunched up and hit me at a weird spot I think which I didn’t care for. You might like it better than me though! :)

      Did you see that Athleta has an updated version of their Faux Fur Reversible Zip Hoodie in black and navy blue? I purchased the black one and love it! Last year’s version was too short and too wide, I thought. This year’s is a better fit, I think.

      I also purchased the Cozy Karma 1/4 Zip Hoodie in black and that’s also a keeper for me. Super soft and a great basic black hoodie. I love their Cozy Karma line!

  5. Oh really.. Hmmm I might try it with the matching joggers. The whole set looks so comfy together! It also comes in petite sizing.

    I did see! I'll have to check it out because I agree last year's version was a little too wide for me. Ohhh The Cozy Karma is also on my list too!! Athleta is really killing it lately.


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