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WMTM Update!

WMTM update! I think I'm good, but the Essential Tank $19! is pretty tempting! Best deal though has to go to Always Effortless Jacket $69!. Also a few new items were uploaded today as well. Check it all out below!

(Best deal of the day!)

(Is this new? I don't recall this print.)

(Wow I never noticed how expensive these shorts are!)

(Not a bad deal if you decide to hem these.)

Also a couple of new items dropped today.

(Cute in the gray, not so much in the pink.)

(This is cute too.)


  1. I like the AE jacket but I would get that pretty dune color dirty so fast! I have an angel wing colored LLL jacket that got permanently marked up after I tripped once. Soo darker color jackets for me!

    1. I have a couple of light colored jackets but I admit I am super careful when I wear them... Most of my jackets are dark colors, but once in a while I like to wear something different.

  2. The Speed Wunder Tights are from SeaWheeze last year. They have the 2019 logo. I’m both surprised they’re randomly back and that they aren’t advertised as SW to help them sell. Guess the found a stray box or something??

    1. Hah interesting! Well, they are currently sold out now. I do think they found extras lying around somewhere lol.


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