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Fit Review! Train To Be Tank Chalk Wash & Hotty Hot Long 4 Inch!

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I know I did. The weather has been rainy because of Hurricane Delta, so the photos are a little dark. I had to brighten up the Gray Sage Hotty Hot Shorts a bit because they looked like a dark green. It's actually a really nice shade of medium gray green. Highly recommend this color, it's probably the nicest shade of green I've seen from Lulu.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

I purchased both of these from WMTM a couple of weeks ago. I've never tried on either item before so it was a slight risk if I would like them or not. Glad to say they both worked out! For the Train To Be Tank Chalk Wash White/Luna I went with the size small because I wanted a little more coverage on top especially around the shoulders and I also wanted a bigger neck hole. It's a little roomy near the armpit area, bit looking at the website photos, it does look like a similar fit. I probably could have also fit the XS, it would have been more fitted and slightly shorter. I'm basically using this to workout in, so I don't mind the relaxed fit.

The fabric is insanely soft though. It's super breathable because of all the open-hole construction. It's also seamless which means it's super comfortable. Highly recommend this tank for workouts, although many reviews say it snags easily. I've only worn and washed once so far, and I haven't had any snags. I may throw this inside a mesh bag next time I wash it though. I love the chalk wash print. I think it's really pretty and adds a little bit of uniqueness to this tank. Still a little pricey at $49 on sale, but I kind of love it. 

I always thought a 4 inch length short wouldn't be very flattering on my petite body, I normally opt for the 2.5 inch length for shorts. But when I saw the gray sage on WMTM for $39, I decided to give it a try. I don't think the extra 1.5 inches is that much longer, in fact I don't notice the difference in length at all. It's not visually noticeable to me at least. I think the length looks fine especially in the Hotty Hot Style.

(Currently sold out in gray sage.)

I'm wearing the low rise version of these shorts. There are so many different variations of the Hotty Hots, it's so easy to confuse the combinations! I'm wearing my usual size 4 and they're true to size. From the back they look a little bit longer than my other shorts, but again I don't mind it. 

(From the side, they look perfectly fine.)

The lesson of this fit review is to try different lengths. You just never know! 😃 Having options is a great thing. This applies to everything and anything in life. I tell my husband that all the time. For example he always gets the same drink at Starbucks - Venti black tea lemonade with light ice. The past dozen times or so, he hasn't been happy with the drink because there's not enough lemonade or there's not enough pumps of sugar cane, etc. I tell him maybe it's time to try something new. Yesterday he finally tried a strawberry lemonade drink and he LOVED IT. Guess what I said to him? "See, what did I tell you, live a little and try something new." That's it for me! Hope you all have a great Monday!


Train To Be Tank Chalk Wash White/Luna (on sale)

Train To Be Tank Shibori (on sale)

Hotty Hot Short Long 4 Inch

Hotty Hot Collection


  1. I recently felt that tank in store and couldn’t believe how soft it was! If the back was a slimmer racerback cut, I would have brought it home.

    1. I couldn't either. I don't think I've ever felt anything that compares to how soft it is.

  2. Grey sage is a nice colour and it's so easy to match with other colours! I have the same tank! It's great for hot days and probably for working out too!

    1. I can totally understand how some people are obsessed with gray sage. Such a nice neutral.

  3. Grey sage HH look so cute! I'd love a HR one. I have that tank in daydream and it's so breezy!

    1. I think I'm obsessed with HH shorts now! So late to the party!

  4. The Hotty Hot Short Long 4” in Grey Sage is a keeper! It fits perfect and I don’t find it too be too long on you.

    I was thinking of getting something in Grey Sage but looks like it’s too green for my liking, It’s a gorgeous color but too bad I’m not a green person. ;)


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