Fit Review Friday! Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie & Hooded Define Jacket Nulu Diamond Dye

October 1, 2020

Happy Friday! I also can't believe it's already October. I don't know how this year is flying by so quickly, but it is. In case you missed it, I posted up a WMTM update with the new Align Tank in Chambray

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops.

Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Violet Verbena Size XS/S

I was really excited to try the Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip hoodie in violet verbena. It's currently sold out in this color, but the new heathered desert teal looks really nice too. This is definitely oversized, it's also very wide and boxy which I didn't love. The arms are very long and wide on my petite frame. I think the proportion of this hoodie is a little too overwhelming especially from certain angles. 

This hits at the hip for me. The length is fine. The hood is very oversized as well. I think if they made this in a size smaller it may be more flattering for petites. The fabric is fairly soft and the inside is cozy fleece similar to the regular Scuba Hoodie.

You can see here just how wide and boxy it is on me. I think it would look much better if the body was more fitted. 

I pulled the sides back just a bit, and I think it looks much better!

 My face says - well I tried it!

As you can all guess, the Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip is a no for me. For $118 I have to love it, so I will be saving the money for something else. This hoodie would definitely look better on taller folks. I will say it is very comfortable and it would also be a great layering piece. Next up, we have a definite keeper!

I've reviewed the Hooded Define Jacket before and have no regrets purchasing the other two Diamond Dye jackets. I love them all but I think this one might be my favorite! I like to size up in this jacket. I'm wearing a size 6 and it's still fitted, just not skin tight. Fabric is buttery soft. It feels really nice and definitely one of Lulu's most flattering jackets in my opinion.

Also, how awesome it is that I have the CRB in the same pattern? Now I can wear them both at the same time! I have the tank folded inwards and I think it works okay, at least temporarily. I think this entire outfit rocks. 😆

I can't wait to wear this out in the wild! 

That's it for me, have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. Happy Friday! I agree that the scuba oversized 1/2 zip is not the most flattering because it overwhelms your frame but it's also cute. Since LLL always comes out with new pieces it's best to pick one you love! I wish they had one size down from the XS/S too D: The hooded define looks sooo good on you! I don't own one yet but I'd like to try on different sizes in store.

    1. In some pictures, I'm like oh that does look kind of cute there, but in others I think - oh noooo gorilla arms!

      The hooded define is one of my favorites. Definitely a super flattering jacket! If you get a chance to try one, let me know what you think!

  2. Lol- no offense, you don’t look very happy in the 1/2 zip scuba. It’s like some of the Lulu models- sometimes I think they can’t believe some of the clothes they are trying to sell. Lol. You look happy in the hooded define. Fits nicely. I think the hooded define was one of the better lululemon purchases I’ve made. I use it all the time!

    1. Hah, you're totally right, isn't it amazing how clothing can make you feel happy or annoyed? It's pretty funny. my face pretty much shows what I think of the outfit! LOL. You're very observant.

  3. Really wish Lulu has petite sizes! I found most of their sleeves are way too long for petites. BTW, have you ever reviewed all your zip hoodie? What is the difference between that and scuba? Thanks.

    1. Sorry I have not tried the All Yours Zip Hoodie, it looks like a looser fit. But maybe someone else here can reply!

    2. I have a couple of the All Yours Zip Hoodies, yep they are more of a looser fit than the Scubas are. No thumb holes either. I like the All Yours for lounging around the house since they are roomier. Hope that helped!

  4. I really don’t know what kind of body shape would look good in the Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie. It’s short and boxy, and the sleeves are not only long but also gigantic! Definitely doesn’t work for petites but if you’re tall, the hoodie might end somewhere below your belly button LOL!

    The Hooded Define looks perfect on you and yes your expression shows how much you love it! :). It’s one of the best jacket purchases you’ve made in my opinion.

    1. I was thinking for crop tops, especially the boxy ones, not so much the fitted crop tops, I would wear a long tank underneath it for layering. I've done that with some and I really like it. Of course this is only for chilly months, not so much warmer temperatures. It's a cute look.

      Thanks Andrea! I have to agree with you! It's definitely my favorite Hooded Define Jacket so far.


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