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Upload! September 1st 2020

Happy September! This was a really massive upload today. Fall items are in full swing, lots of diamond dye graphite gray pink but I'm holding out for it to be released in the 17 inch length. Pleeeeeease Lulu it would make my day! I did order the new Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Love Black/Rainbow as I love all things rainbow so this is right up my alley and I also love that it's a bit darker in colors. I did order a size up in a 6 since the last Swiftly I just tried on in a 4 made me feel like a sausage. Hopefully the 6 works. 😬 The Soft Ambitions High-Rise Jogger will be a hit with many but likely to be too long for petites, although they could be hemmed. Hmm... I do love the fabric though and wish they would make petite lengths! I'm adding the Fleece Flurry Jacket Mink Berry to my fall wish list. I also want to try the Beyond The Studio Jacket Graphite Gray. It looks very feminine and pretty.

Did you order anything? What did you think of today's upload? Also check back in a few more days for my giveaway!

(Based on how tight the Swiftly SS Seawheeze was on me, I ordered this in a size 6!)

(I know how fast this is going to sell out!)

(I gotta say these look really cool!)

(I know these are also going to sell out in a day or too, I love this fabric!)

(This has some really nice details, this is when I really wish there were petite sizing!)

(I've tried this on and really love it. It's especially cute in pink!)

(This actually looks really pretty with all the ruffles.)


  1. I got the rainbow Swiftly tank in store last week! It’s beautiful. 😍 I’m a bit surprised only the SS uploaded today. Im trying to go on a no-buy for September. Day 1 looks ok!!

    1. Ah nice! I'm still too scared to go to the stores. I'm doing all my shopping online. I might prefer the tank so if we get the next week I'll have to place another order for it. Good luck on your no-buy September!!

  2. The Fleece Flurry jacket in mink berry is so pretty. I like the look of the Beyond the Studio jacket a lot. I went to my local store to pick up hemmed items and bought a white camo power y to hem again lol! I want the Perfectly Oversized crew in Iron Blue but hopefully it makes it to WMTM. I love the New Heights Sweater... but am also hoping it makes it to WMTM.

    1. Same here, I am hoping a lot of the items will land on WMTM... we'll see. Lululemon is definitely making my bank account cry this year. LOL. The Fleece Flurry is very fitted in the size 4. I'm debating if I want a size 6 if I order it for more room to layer.

      My fit review from March! Seems like a lifetime ago.

  3. I love everything with ruchings and ordered the Beyond The Studio Jacket Graphite Gray in both sizes 2 and 4. Will let you know how the jacket fits.

    I also ordered the Align Crop 23" Diamond Dye Graphite Gray Pink. Would like it in 21” but at least wanna find out how the pattern looks in person as I’m not particularly fond of pinks. Thought of getting the print in Align 25” but with 2 inches’ length difference, it costs CAD 30 more! I have a pair of Align 25” and the hems are loose at the ankles, and I’d love to see how the 23” fits.

    Also interested in the Fleeces Flurry jacket and the Soft Ambitions High-Rise Jogger Heathered Core Ultra Light Gray. Would give the former a try if it comes out in a nice color eg. gray, purple or teal. Not sure why the Soft Ambitions Jogger is so pricey but it does look very flattering on the model!

    1. I definitely want to hear your thoughts about the Beyond Studio Jacket and and Diamond Dye Graphite Gray Pink. I love my Soft Ambitions Crop Crew, the fabric is heavenly, so I get why it's so expensive. Maybe if it were in a darker color I would give it a try since it looks like it can be hemmed.


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