Quick Update on Seawheeze & WMTM

August 13, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a great week so far. I just got my Seawheeze shipping notice from Lululemon. Looks like my order will arrive middle of next week. Did you guys notice a new addition was added? Fast & Free High-Rise Crop 19" which would be perfect for petite gals. 

I'm still working on my post on How to sell on Ebay. I hope to finish it up tonight! 

New to WMTM

(This actually looks pretty cute and functional.)

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  1. I think lazurite is such a pretty colour, but just can't justify spending so much on a pair of tights. Looking forward to your fit review!

  2. Did you see the noir crops are $39? I'm so tempted.

    1. I just looked up your review so HMM. It's a maybe.

    2. The Noir Crops didn't work for me. I thought the waist was too tight, but when I sized up the wide leg was too much. It was just off....


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