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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Mindset Sweatshirt, Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant + Limited Edition Collection Allyson Felix!

Happy Friday everyone! Finally a fit review Friday. This has been one crazy stressful week for me. BTW I still have not received my Seawheeze order. 😟 How are you guys doing? Hopefully you're all well and safe. I have a quick Athleta review for you all. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. I'm typically a size XS/PXS in Athleta and a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

The color I'm wearing is currently sold out. The size XS is semi-fitted. It does have a curved hem in the front and back. I don't mind the back being curved but wasn't a fan of it so much in the front. I think it makes my belly poof out a bit. The fabric is also super soft on the outside, but I found it to be a little scratchy on the inside. Which I thought was very unfortunate. It is a lightweight sweatshirt, and great for layering. It does cling a bit to the body since it is on the thin side. Other than the scratchy inside, I did find the fit to be comfortable. The neckline wasn't too high or too tight. Maybe in another color the inside would be softer? It gets fantastic reviews on the website so I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately the scratchy inside was a deal breaker for me.

This is my second pair of Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant. I first purchased this in the abalone gray and I love it so much I'm back with a pair in navy. I'm wearing size 2 petite which is a size up from what I normally wear at Athleta. I do think a 0P would have worked as well but I wanted this to sit a little lower on my waist. The fabric is super light weight which saw why I love this so much. It's great for hot summers here in Atlanta. I know people are already thinking about fall, but fall starts late here. I want to say we have at least another month of hot weather before it gets any cooler.

Can you tell I love these, especially paired with my Allbirds wool loungers? They have a new color called pitaya that looks like lilac purple but I wonder if it's too similar to my gray pair. I admit I'm addicted and I definitely have a problem. LOL.


If you're new to Athleta, you can receive 20% off your first order with my referral link.

In other news, a new limited edition Athleta collaboration with Allyson Felix was just released this week. I do like the vibe and the look of some of the outfits but it might be too much for my petite size.

(I like the color, but not crazy about the metallic vibe. Too 80s!)

(I am very impressed this collection is available in petite sizes! Lulu needs to take note!)

(This is the one item I am interested in trying. I am not crazy about the price tag tho!)

(Okay I lied, I actually like this one too, this one looks a little more unique than the jacket.)

What do you think of the collection? It's very sporty and definitely has a strong edgy street vibe which I like, I am just not sure I could pull it off. 😅 I might try the Legend Mesh 7/8 Tight just to see if it would really fit at the ankles. I spy a zipper and those are always something I avoid. As always I wrap up my post with the new additions to WMTM.

(I already have all three colors.)

(This isn't new, but it is back and fully stocked. I love mine.)

(Runs a little small at the waist.)

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. How I wish there's Athleta in Canada! If you ship to Canada, I imagine there's a demand for your gently used Athleta items! Thanks for the quick comments on Lulu WMTM items! I spent a small fortune on formation camo tights!

    1. Hmmm not sure if there is a demand for Athleta in Canada. That's a good question. Any Canadians care to comment on this? lol.
      I used to not care for camo, but it's definitely growing on me! I'd like to add a few more shorts in camo.

    2. I think a lot of us Canadians are interested in Athleta! Would be great if you take up the role of an agent and take care of ordering and shipping LOL!

    3. Hahahah - just crazy to me that they haven't expanded to Canada yet.

  2. Vuori makes their joggers in a camo print, I just got myself a pair. It’s a dark color combination and I like it a lot!

    1. I am totally waiting for them to release a short length for petites. I see they came out with a long version for taller folks. We're next!

  3. Oh I love the Brooklyn Wideleg Pant! It looks so pretty and comfy!

    1. It really is! I wear a lot of Athleta pants during the summer.

  4. The mindset sweater outfit looks so cozy and fit for fall! The diamond dye looks great paired with those navy pants and the allbirds :D


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