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Finally My Seawheeze Haul! Plus WMTM Update!

Happy Friday! After twelve long days of checking the FedEx tracking number, my Seawheeze order finally arrived. I was pretty excited since this is the first time I was able to purchase any Seawheeze items. I always just looked at what everyone else got and drooled over my keyboard. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

Pace Rival High Rise Crop 22" Race Pace Flare Multi Size 4

This is no longer available on the website, most of the Seawheeze items are sold out by now. There are a few things left, but not too much. I haven't tried on a pair of Pace Rival Crops in a long time now and remembered the bottoms were always loose around my ankles but decided to give it another try since I really wanted something in the Race Pace Flare print. 

I'm wearing my regular size 4 bottoms and it is true to size. I would definitely have to hem these and loose about three inches which will cut off some of the detail. I always feel bad about hemming limited edition items. Anyone else? 

(This is the spot where I would need to cut, about 3 inches.)

(Also very curious that I got Canadian tags. Feels extra special! 😆)

Swiftly Speed Racerback Illusion Black Alpine White Size 4

(I kind of have some upper back muscles, woo hoo!)

This is probably my favorite item from the entire order. I think the design in black is very flattering. I also think the race pace flare multi looks really good with the black illusion print. This is a killer combo in my opinion! I normally wear a size 4 in Swiftly Racerback tanks and this fits true to size. 

(I like the little details underneath the hem line. On the back it says Seawheeze 2020 with the size.)

Swiftly Speed Short Sleeve Illusion Purple Blossom /Lazurite Size 4

The short sleeve version I think runs small. I don't recall them being this tight. I haven't bought a regular Swiftly Short Sleeve in a long time, I've switched to the relaxed fit version. This is soooo tight that it shows everythaaaaaang. I'm hoping I can return some items from my order, but we'll see... worse case scenario I will list them on ebay and try to break even. The color is nice, it's a very vibrant purple. I do think the black version is more my style.

(Yikes! Not pretty. 😑)

Last we have the Mist Over Windbreaker. This is actually still in stock in size 2 and 4. I'm wearing my usual size 4. This is the first time I'm reviewing this jacket. Initially when I first tried this on it felt like the shoulders were too tight. After moving around a bit during the photoshoot, I actually didn't feel bothered by it. There is a decent amount of stretch in the fabric. I find this to be true to size. 

The length covers the bum which I really like. It is lined in white which I don't love, but it's okay since you can only tell when the hood is down. I was a little surprised at how thin this jacket is. It is definitely windbreaker fabric I do like the print, but is it overkill on the jacket? The sleeve length is long but not horrible if you use the thumbholes. I also like that the cuffs on the sleeves are not tight. They're actually on the loose side which is a nice change for once! 

 (Not sure why there's a out of focus spot on the front of this jacket, but I think it's the camera.)

(Zippered pockets in the front and a small pocket on the back of the jacket.)

I'm on the fence about this jacket. What do you guys think of these items? Would love to know! I need to find out if I can return some of these items or not. I'm scared! 😅 How did you guys like your Seawheeze items? Now I'm waiting on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order to arrive. Let's see how long this order takes! 


As usual I wrap up with a WMTM update. It's funny I was more excited about today's WMTM update than the regular upload this week! Here's what's new.

(Sad this is sold out in my size already.)

(This looks cute and comfy, has anyone tried this?)

(This is true to size.)

(New color added.)

(I'm tempted, this looks cute!)

(I love this color, going to try this in a size 6 since my normal size 4 always seems tight in the shoulders and wrist cuffs.)

That's it for me! Have a great weekend!


  1. The The Swiftly tank is the clear winner here. The Pace Rival crop makes your butt look amazing. It depends on how the fabric feels and etc. I would either return or sell the windbreaker and the Swiftly SS. Yup, I definitely see your back muscles!!! Same thing happened to me after I started doing TRX. I gained back muscles and had to let go my size 4 Lulu tops with sleeves :(.

    The SW Swiftly LL in Flare and Lazurite finally make their appearance yesterday afternoon/early evening. They were shown as sold out for the most part. Then only size 2 and 4 showed up. It was very strange. Granted that I only checked the website a few times, OK maybe 10, lol. I did manage to snatch a size 6 in Flare when it appeared for a nano-second! Hopefully it does not get cancelled. Did anyone else see larger sizes available?

    I saw HH HR 4" in Blue Cast in full size run on the website this morning. I had to get one since I have been wondering about it after Blue Cast came out a while ago. That's it for my shorts purchase this year.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to see muscles finally in my upper back, so I don't mind going up a size. Or you can always just wear tanks all year round and forget about sleeves, and then all problems are solved haha! I do have to give up a lot of my hoodies and jackets for bigger sizes though. =T

      I keep missing the restocks in the Hotty Hots. I saw blue cast pop up but only in larger sizes. Jealous you got a pair! Missed out on the flare and lazurite too, but I don't check the SW items anymore! I already did enough damage lol! I was hoping to see a new Align Tank in the iron blue this week- but nope.

  2. The Swiftly Speed Racerback is definitely a keeper and I love the little details underneath the hemline! The Pace Rival High Rise Crop also looks amazing on you but having to cut 3” off would ruin the styling details in my opinion.

    Never tried Swiftly Speed SS but I did have to go up one size for the LS and still feel like a sausage in a tight casing LOL.

    I love the length and shape of the Mist Over Windbreaker but the white lining is a deal breaker for me. It’s just cheap looking.

    If I were you, I would keep the racerback and the crop but keep the latter the way it is.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Really is a shame about the white lining on the windbreaker. Wish it was a solid black or a darker color at the very least.

      I'll have to ponder some more about the Pace Rival Crop. But I'm swearing off Swiftly SS and LS after this!

  3. I purchased the Scuba hoodie in the heathered cherry tint, I think the color is a really pretty shade red/pink! I have to go up a size too in the scubas. Interested to see what you think! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you! Will report back on the Scuba. Have a great weekend too!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The pace rivals and the racerback swiftly you should definitely keep! Looks good on you! I agree, I wouldn’t hem the pace rivals. I think it would ruin the overall design and aesthetics.

    1. Thank you! I'll have to try the Pace Rivals on again and see if I can deal with the baggy ankles. I wish they were 19 inches, would have been perfect!

    2. Maybe a seamstress can just ‘taper’ the ankles and suggest a length that won’t compromise the design? Good luck

  5. The tank and pace rival combo looks killer! I didn't get any Seawheeze items because I was late to the drop! I'd feel bad hemming LE items too but I think it's worth it if you're going to wear it! I want the all yours cropped hoodie but not enough to pay 79$ for the iced iris color.

    1. I also LOVE that heathered cherry tint color in the scuba. I have one scuba and I don't wear it often so I can't buy it.

    2. Thanks! I just checked my orders and it says I can't return them. Bummer. I'll have to decide if I want to try and contact GEC... or just list on ebay.

      I live in hoodies all year round. Hopefully the size 6 will work for me!

  6. I've been looking forward to this try-on! I agree--the tank are crops look killer together! I had the same tank in my cart as well as the lazurite Sculpt but decided I didn't HAVE to have either. It's super cute, though! This year's colors/patterns weren't quite it for me.

    Hopefully you're able to return what didn't work out. If not, I'm sure you will at least break even!


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