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Fit Review Friday! Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie, Halo Performance Short, Performance Jogger

Happy Friday! A couple of months ago I reviewed the Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie dusk heather and loved it to much I ordered a second one along with two pairs of their Performance Jogger and a pair of Halo Performance Short.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. For Vuori I am wearing size XS in tops and bottoms.

Halo Performance Hoodie Indigo Heather Size XS 

I absolutely love their hoodie. It's a light weight hoodie and the fabric is smooth and soft. The hoodie is semi fitted and the XS is very comfortable. I've had the dusk heather hoodie for a couple of months and it is definitely getting a decent amount of rotation. So far it hasn't pilled and washes and dries perfectly fine. I don't normally like the contrast zipper but considering how much I love everything else about this hoodie I am okay with it.

Because of how much I love the fabric I was dying to try their Performance Jogger. All the reviews pretty much rave about it. I was a bit hesitant because of the length, but turns out they fit fairly well as full length joggers on my petite frame. Vuori is coming out with a petite version which I'm very excited about. I definitely want a pair that's more cropped. The petite joggers are supposed to launch around September/October. 

Performance Jogger Dusk Heather Size XS

I'm wearing size XS and it's definitely a generous fit. I would say it can easily fit a size 6 bottom Lululemon. If you're a size 2 or 0 I think you may be sized out. Vuori used to make XXS I believe, but they currently do not have it in stock. The waistband is super stretchy and very comfortable. The fabric is a little on the thin side, so you will see some panty lines. I love that the leg is not baggy and is fitted through to the ankles. 

While they look like normal sweatpants, they feel amazing. So much that I am keeping both pairs. I also purchased this in heather gray. For $84 it's steep but less than Lululemon joggers. Plus if you're a first time buyer for Vuori- they offer a 20% coupon. 

I've been on the hunt for some comfortable shorts to lounge around in and decided to try their Halo Performance Short. They're just as comfortable as the joggers. And I definitely would have kept them but ever since a couple of readers mentioned they have received shorts with different lengths from Lulu I inspected these and found the lengths to be uneven! 

Halo Performance Short Heather Gray Size XS

I also noticed the back of the waistband does not lay flat and you can see in these photos the left side is shorter than the right. I reached out to Vuori's customer service and they are going to refund me for this pair of shorts and will give me 20% off my next order. I will probably reorder these shorts when they release the petite version of the Performance Jogger. 😁

These look fantastic otherwise! Super flattering and so comfortable. It's too bad I got a imperfect pair.  The inseam is 2.5". I love the pockets and drawcord. I'm all about being comfortable lately and these would be perfect. The waist fits similar to the Performance Jogger. The price is $56. It's definitely on the high end for lounge shorts but I would say it's okay with the 20% off coupon. 

How cute is this outfit? Comfort level is 10/10. Here are some photos of the Performance Jogger in gray heather. That's pretty much it for me! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe! 

Performance Jogger Gray Heather Size XS


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  1. I love the Halo Performance Short and good job you checked the inseam lengths LOL. Definitely reorder it and I really like this in Heather Gray.

    The Jogger is nice as well but agree a petite version would fit you better.

    1. I guess uneven inseam lengths are a fairly common issue. Who would have thought?!

      I am really excited for a petite version. September is right around the corner! Scary thought though.

  2. I stumbled upon Vuori on Nordstrom’s website a while ago, I also really like their joggers. I have 4 of them, they wash well and fit and feel great on! I like them on you. I’m 5’3” and the length is just right on me.

    I tried the Halo hoodie but wasn’t crazy about the fit for some reason. The fabric was a little to clingy and thin I think. Athleta makes the Uptempo Hoodie which is very similar in fabric and I like theirs a bit better. The Halo hoodie looks great on you!!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I wish I discovered Vuori earlier. I was so impressed by all the raving reviews I needed to try it for myself. And I am not disappointed.

      BTW I received the Get Centered Hoodie. I'm on the fence. I will take some photos tomorrow and then decide! It's usually how I go about keeping things or not!

    2. I really love my Get Centered Hoodie. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

  3. Love all the vuori on you. The shorts too. The cropped crew looked good with vuori bottoms.
    The material that vuori uses is so soft, holds its shape and yes, no pilling and no bagging at the knees or rear. Excited that they are coming out with petite sizes. Thanks for the try on review :))

    1. Thanks Sherry! With my new quarantine wardrobe I really need to edit my closet. =D

    2. Yes, me too. I have a big haul ready for a donation pick up! Looking forward to the get centered hoodie review. That looked interesting.

  4. Ooo I might have to try a pair of joggers from them! Their clothes look so comfy

    1. If you do try them let me know what you think!


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