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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Girl Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt and Cross Your Fingers Sweatshirt

Happy Friday! I have a super budget friendly review up for you guys today. I've been covering a lot of pullovers and sweatshirts lately and I found a couple more from Athleta Girl.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Athleta women's I usually take a XS/PXS/XXS depending on the fit. For this post I am wearing Athleta Girl size XL or XXL.

I really love the Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt. It's beyond soft and I am serious when I say this is one of the softest pullovers I've ever come across. I purchased this sweatshirt in size XL and XXL to see which one I would prefer. The XXL is semi fitted and drapes nicely. It completely covers the bum on my petite frame. I like the criss cross detail at the bottom hem. Note that the criss cross is only on the one side. The fabric is lightweight and on the thinner side which is totally fine for indoor lounging. It also makes for a great layering piece when the temperatures drop. 

The sleeves are a little long, but nothing to really complain about. It also has thumbholes which is a plus! Price is $39 and this one is definitely a keeper. The gray is a nice neutral that pretty much goes with anything. 

I also purchased this sweatshirt in a size XL in a pretty sapphire blue called Goodnight Nora. The size smaller definitely makes this sweatshirt a little bit more fitted but still feels perfectly comfortable and cozy. I decided to keep both.

The XL length doesn't completely cover my bum.

This sweatshirt also comes in a very pretty pink as well. I wish this sweatshirt came in more colors to choose from. I've already washed this sweatshirt and happy to say it is still super soft and did not shrink although I did hang dry even though the instructions say you can machine dry as well. The wrinkles did eventually come out! 

The sleeves are definitely a better length in the XL.

Next up we have the Cross Your Fingers Sweatshirt. For this top I am wearing a size XL and as you can see it is fits similar to the size XXL in the Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt. Sorry the sweatshirt is all wrinkly, but the wrinkles have come out since these photos were taken. This sweatshirt is a little thicker and heavier than the Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt. It's also beyond soft and cozy. 

I really like the back layered look. I think it's a cute detail. The fit is roomy and very comfy. If I had to choose a favorite, which is really really tough by the way, I would probably go with the Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt just because it has a slightly wider neckline. Sometimes I find myself tugging at the collar when I wear the Cross Your Fingers Sweatshirt.

I ended up keeping all three of these pullovers. At $39 each, you really can't go wrong. Also I had some rewards to use and I think I ended up paying maybe $100 for all three. So worth the money! Definitely don't be afraid to look at the Athleta Girls section. The quality is excellent and you definitely get your moneys worth! I'm totally eying the All Play Short and Black Camo Daily Tee. I find that Lululemon size 4 is equivalent to Athleta Girls size 14/XL. 

That's it for me! I'm glad to have a much needed three day weekend even though we won't be doing anything for the 4th. Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend! 


Cross Your Fingers Sweatshirt

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  1. Thanks for the fit review! All three sweatshirts look nice, but I really love the camo sweatshirt on you! The camo print is such a nice heathered grey and the back detail makes the design special. The sleeves are the perfect length for you and overall the fit is great! Too bad there's no Athleta in Canada yet, or I'd buy one myself!

    1. Thanks! It makes me wonder how many of you are Canadians! Seems like there are quite a few of you here. I wish Athleta would open a store in Canada already. What is stopping them??

  2. Love the Grey Camo pattern but prefer the design of the Criss Cross My Heart Sweatshirt. Size XL fits you better in my opinion. For that price I would keep all three of them too! Lucky you! :)

    1. Thanks! Since there will no longer be Ivivva, I'll probably be checking out a lot of Athleta Girls more often... =)

  3. Those names were so similar when I first read them haha. I like the Criss Cross one in the gray so much. Looks great on you!

    1. Haha! yes the names are confusing to me too. Probably easier to just say the blue sweater or the gray or the camo one lol!

  4. All of these look great on you! I really like the Cross Your Fingers sweatshirt in camo the best. Super comfortable looking and very flattering! I usually stay away from most crewneck-type sweatshirts because I don’t like things too tight around my neck, most of mine are zip downs.

    Thanks for these Athleta reviews, I’ve been liking their stuff more and more lately.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. I'm usually the same way. I don't like the feeling of a high neckline that makes me feel like I'm being choked. But I'm happy to find a few that I like and can wear comfortably.

      You'll probably be seeing more Athleta reviews!

      Thank you and same to you!


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