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Hope everyone got to spend some time relaxing this weekend. Normally I would save this fit review for Friday, but I have something else planned for you guys! I've been dying to try the new Align High Rise Crop 17" length since Lululemon discontinued the 19" which I thought was perfect for petites. 
For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

I'm wearing my usual size 4 and it is true to size. The fabric is the buttery soft nulu we all love. The length at 17 inches hits my mid calf and it actually fits very well. As for the high rise, the waist still hits my belly button.  Overall, I really like the length and fit and will be looking to add a couple of pairs in the future. I will be returning these, only because I already have a very similar color in the 19" length that I totally forgot about when ordering. 😆 The chambray blue is very nice, but it's a little too light for a bottom. I tend to go for darker color bottoms.

Wearing my Uptempo Short Hoodie. I love this look. 

I also ordered the Align Crop 21" in the new incognito camo pink to try. I'm wearing my usual size 4. I've written so many fit reviews for Align Crops that I won't get into too much detail but I do want to say the incognito camo pink is actually really cute in real life.

 The loose ankles are still my #1 pet peeve.

Here are some comparison pics side by side. I won't be buying anymore Align Crop 21". I'm hoping for some cute camo or diamond dye versions in the 17 inch.

Waist is the same from the front.

The back hits at a similar spot, the 17" might be a tiny smidge higher.

Lastly, I was really surprised how much I liked the Hotty Hot Short 2.5". I haven't tried a pair in a couple of years at least. I'm not sure if the cut has changed or if my body has filled out more since. Last time I tried this style I was in-between sizes. The size 2 was a tad too small for me, but the size 4 felt a too baggy in the butt and thighs. This pair seems to fit me perfectly. 

This is true to size. Waist is very comfortable with a lot of stretch. The length is 2.5" which is very short but also very flattering on petites. I can see how this would be too short for those who are tall. The waist hits about an inch under my belly button. I am curious to try the high rise version of this short so I can write a comparison post.

I think I'm in love! Definitely a keeper for me. I think these look really cute in the camo pink. They're currently sold out (of course). I might actually like these better than my Speed Up Shorts. 😳


One more thing, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up and right now you can preview the entire sale. I have a pretty big wish list saved but on my top of the list are these four items. The sale is open to the public on August 19th. I don't have a Nordstrom card since I only shop their Anniversary Sale. It's probably better for my wallet this way! What's on your list? 

That's it for me! 


  1. Thanks for the fit review! The 17" aligns definitely fit better and cassis is such a nice colour on you! I've tried WU 21" before and had the same loose ankle problem! I'll give the 17" a try next time!

    1. I was really bummed when they discontinued the 19". These may be even better, I finally feel like these are a true crop length.

  2. The pink camo print is cute! I like it in the shorts a lot. I've never tried 17" aligns.

    1. I'm kinda obsessed with the shorts! Really surprised how much I like them.

  3. The short looks really cute on you and the fit is perfect! I’ve only tried the 4” version and found the rise too low. The fit was also a bit off for me. Size 2 was a smidge tight but 4 would be too big.

    Not a pink person but I must say the pink camo is pretty, especially in the short! Definitely a keeper!

    1. I think you should definitely try the high rise version of the Hotty Hot. It's on my list if I can just get my hands on one. =D

      Thanks! I am a big fan of purple and pink!

  4. Those HHs look good on you! I really want to make them work, but they just end up looking like a full, soggy diaper in the back on me. Also, heads-up, a lot of people size down in the HR version, as they are definitely cut bigger. There are a few comparison posts in the Reddit sub.

    1. Thanks!! I'll keep that in mind when if I ever order a pair. I may try the 2 and 4 just to see. I visit the Reddit sub every so often and find myself getting lost. LOL.


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