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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Uptempo Short Hoodie and Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant

Happy Friday! Before we get into the fit review, first I have to apologize to all my Canadian readers and anyone who doesn't have Athleta available to them. I feel really bad because Athleta is totally killing it this year. I normally prefer Lululemon but Athleta has been reeling me in. I do have some good Lululemon reviews coming up!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. For Athleta this translates to XXS/XS in tops and 0P in bottoms.

Uptempo Short Hoodie Comet Gray Size XS

I really really love this hoodie. The brushed fabric is super soft. It's cropped but not too short. The cut is boxy, but I still feel like it gives me some shape because of how the fabric drapes. I find this to be very flattering even on petites. The color comet gray is a vert pretty lilac with gray undertones. I think it's definitely the best color out of all of them. The Norwegian gray is also really nice. This is a thin lightweight hoodie that's perfect for spring or cool summer days. 

I quite like the hood too!

I am wearing a size XS, but I could have also fit the size XXS. It's quite roomy and either size would have worked for me. I've already worn this out and I love this hoodie so much I actually just ordered another one in charcoal gray. Plus it's on sale! 

Next up we have the Brooklyn Wide Leg Cropped Pant. I'm wearing size 2P. I should have ordered my normal size 0P, I'm actually not sure why I got the 2P. 😂

It's definitely a little big on me in the waist, but I feel like it could still work since it's a wide leg pant. This fabric is very lightweight and slightly sheer. Definitely do not wear bright or dark underwear. Nude is probably best. The length is 22 inches long which hits just above my ankles.

I really like the little details like the zippered hidden pocket. This is perfect for warmer temperatures and casual summer days. I'm very tempted to keep this since I'm being lazy about returning things as it is taking about two months for Athleta to issue refunds. What do you guys think? Keep the size 2P or order a 0P? Or pass altogether? 

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Looks like Lululemon released a few new items today.

(New color!)


  1. Oh I love how the Brooklyn Wide Leg Cropped Pant looks on you! It doesn’t look too big on you honestly. I feel that this size is good for the relaxed look, and the length is perfect! It will probably feel not as comfy at the waist if you size down. This is a winner, Leslie! (Okay you’re making me green with envy :D)

    The hoodie is cute as well, and agree the color is so pretty. I love Lulu stuff but feel that they are overpriced especially in the last couple years. I also feel that Athleta is coming out with cuter and more versatile designs! You guys in the States are so lucky! :)

    It finally feels like summer here in Toronto. Hope you are having a gorgeous weather too! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks! The wide leg crops are super comfy because of how light and airy they are. I guess I'll keep them. =)

      I am feeling the same way about Lulu. Their prices have gone up so even though I am buying less items the amount I'm spending is still the same!

      It is warming up here. I hope to get some fresh air this weekend. Have a great weekend and stay safe!

  2. 2P or 0P would work depending on if you want it to sit higher on the waist or not! I like my pants to sit higher so I'd go for the smaller size! Love the hoodie color and the cut! The pants are really pretty too and look great for summer!

    1. I'll probably keep the 2P then. I like my waist to sit lower. Thanks for the advice. The hoodie is great. I was really surprised at how much I liked it in person.

  3. The hoodie looks like a good fit and color. I’m gonna say pass on the pants. Even though the length is ok I think it flares out too much so it would make you look shorter? Also, does that material wrinkle a lot?

    1. The material does wrinkle a bit, I'll have to use my steamer on it (which I just got!) to see if that helps... they're just so airy and light weight I feel like it would be great for summer.


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