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Upload! May 19th 2020

Rather small upload today. The only thing that really stuck out to me is the Clear Intention Cropped Jacket. I really love it. Looks like something I would wear. It's cropped which means there's potential it could be petite friendly. Otherwise, nothing else really grabbed my attention. What about you?

(I actually really dig this jacket.)

(Is this really new because it's completely sold out by the time I posted this.)

(This is quite nice looking.)

(I like the subtle camo print.)

(Pretty color.)

(Another pretty pink.)

(I'd like to see this in more colors. This looks drab.)

(I am loving this purple, more please!)

(Definitely can't be missed carrying this bag!)

(Nice looking for fall.)


  1. I kinda like the sleek look of the Bombs Away Jacket City Breeze White but honestly there’s nothing special about it. I can probably find something similar and more wallet-friendly somewhere else.

    The Clear Intention Cropped Jacket Black is cute but might be too short on me. Would love to see a fit review! :)

    1. I would love to place another order but these returns are seriously taking forever. Almost at the end of week 4 and still waiting. =T

      In other news I received the size 4 In The Moment Shirt. I haven't tried it on yet, will do so tomorrow!

    2. I know. Returns are taking forever ...

  2. I wonder if heathered Azalea pink is bright or even flattering on me haha! I love the idea of pink but I usually like pale or muted pinks more.

    1. Same here. I prefer the lighter pinks or the mauve-pinks! It is nice for spring though if you're looking for a pop of color.

  3. I love those OTF Shorts. Is this the first they've released in a bright color? That Carnation Red is like Ba-BAM in your face!

    1. That is SUPER red, don't believe I have ever seen anything that bright before! Too much for me lol.


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