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Review! Werkshop Face Mask

Happy Friday! I'm officially on vacation for the next five days. I'm not doing anything really, I'm just going to enjoy sleeping in for the next five days. I am so not a morning person. 

Today I'm reviewing something a little different, but I think very important. As you all know I have zero sewing skills, so when I saw that Werkshop decided to make face masks, I was very intrigued. I love their leggings and always try to support small businesses. Supporting a small business is so very important right now. 

So when Tina Z announced on Instagram that her very first batch of face masks were on sale, I immediately bought one. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but figured I would try at least one. I purchased the butterfly print. 

BTW- this is not a sponsored post in case anyone was wondering!

As you can see, when a second round of face masks went on sale, I ended up buying a lot more. Three are actually going to my sister in New York and the rest are for me. These are super comfortable, and machine washable (wash warm, air dry). The elastic around the ears are perfect for my size face. It's a one size fits most. On my husband, it's just ever so slightly tight on his face, but still doable if he only needs to wear it for a short period of time.

These are lined and there's a pocket for a filter. The fabric is soft and kind of molds to the face. These do not have a wire along the nose, but the elastic is stretchy and conforms around your nose. The website states these are "non-medical fashion face coverings" which is fine. I personally prefer the N-95 masks to go to doctors and nurses anyway. 

I usually fold them up and throw one in my bag when I leave my house. I bought a few because it's recommended that you wash them after each use. I have a feeling I may end up buying a few more of these. And can we talk about the prints? They are so amazing. I prefer the dark goth looking ones, but I also dig the really bright ones depending on my mood. My friend bought the dark unicorn print and I think I need to get that one next. It's so pretty!

 Eeps my haaaaaaiirrr is looking unkept!

Price is $26 each. While that does seem a little bit high, there are a few coupons going on right now. Also if you place an order for $150 or more, Werkshop will ship for free. 


★ 10% off ALL Orders w/code: StayHome10

 15% off Orders of $150+ w/code: StayHome15

 20% off Orders of $250+ w/code: StayHome20

In other news, these two Hooded Define Jackets just went on sale today! Did you grab one? If you missed my review, take a look here. I ended up buying the pitch gray today. 😅 

That's it for me. Have a great long weekend for those of you in the states and stay safe! 


  1. The face masks are so cute and seem to fit perfectly on your face! I am not a bold pattern person and love the subtle one with a white bird (?). Just in case you don’t know, if you don’t have any filter on hand, 2 kitchen towels will give you the protection of N70.

    Roots had some face masks for sale a month ago but by the time I knew about it, they were all gone. I believe they were CAD 25 each. A friend gave me a few cloth face masks but they don’t fit well. The ear loops are tight and uncomfortable too. There are a lot of people selling DIY cloth masks on Facebook but you never know if they would fit your face. I’m really glad you’ve found the perfect ones, and they are fashionable too!

    Thought of getting the Diamond Dye Define on sale but dropped the idea. I know I don’t really need it. Try to be good LOL.

    It’s going to be a warm weekend here in Toronto (finally) and hope you’re having a gorgeous weather too. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Ah good to know. We have folded up coffee filters to place in the pockets. I heard that's okay to do?!

      Athleta has some as well, but they're all on backorder. I think 3 for $30?

      Ahhhh you're so much better than I am. Oh I did try on the size 4 In The Moment Shirt Black- I'm sending it back as well, it doesn't look as good as the white. =( So diamond dye Define it is. LOL.

  2. FYI :)

    1. Nice, coffee filters it is then. Thanks for the link!


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