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Review! Rothy's The Essential Pouch Desert Sand

Happy Friday! I don't have my usual fit review for you guys today, but I will have some pretty good ones coming next week. I'm still waiting for one more order to arrive, but this weekend I will be taking a lot of photos for more fit reviews. I'm crossing my fingers for some good weather.

As some of you may know I'm a huge fan of Rothy's. I love them as a company and what they're trying to do with all the millions and millions of plastic bottles. I have about 6 pairs of their shoes and today I am reviewing my very first bag purchase from Rothy's. 

So while this isn't a full sized bag, it's a pretty decent sized clutch. Their bags are quite steep and I didn't love any of them enough to pay the price. That said, this clutch will definitely hold your essentials and more. Upon opening the box I was really surprised and delighted to how soft the clutch feels for something that's knitted out of plastic. It's soft like canvas. I'm completely blown away. It's different from the shoes I have. The shoes feel very sturdy yet soft. This pouch is just.... completely soft. 

Before we really get into the details, first there are a few tags with instructions on care and their mission statement on being sustainable. In this new covid-19 world anything that you can throw into the washing machine is a bonus. I have washed my Rothy's shoes according to their instructions and they came out like new. 

I find this company to be amazing and proud to own their products. They are donating masks as well during this pandemic and I have only good things to say about Rothy's. I wish more companies would try and incorporate recycled materials into their products.

On to the pouch. The zipper runs smooth like butter. I do wish the strap was removable. I would love to be able to toss it into a bigger bag, but I personally would prefer to be able to remove the strap if I wanted but it's not a deal breaker. Right now I am not carrying a lot of things, so I just tossed my card cases and keys. There is more than enough room for sunglasses, make up and phone. The inside feels like it is lined and I can't state how hard to believe that what you're touching was once plastic. It's truly amazing.

I threw in my Everywhere Belt Bag into the photo aka my quarantine bag for scale. The Essential Pouch is much bigger, but thinner. It measures almost 12 inches across and 8 inches high. I love the colors. The three shades go so well together and I feel happy just looking at these pictures. 

And of course Rothy's just released new prints. I definitely like the neon madras and peach madras the most. How fun do these look? 

The quality on this little pouch is amazing. I think you do get what you pay for. The price is $95 - a little steep, but I do have a referral code if you're new to Rothy's. You can receive $20 off your first purchase. I really look forward to the day I can use my pouch on a date night to dinner or even just as a make up pouch on my next vacation or trip to New York. One day... hopefully soon. 



  1. Thanks for the review, Leslie! I’m not a pouch person but have to say the pouch you got is beyond beautiful! The three shades do go well together and the Peach Madras one is pretty too! Love that the bag was knit with 100% recyclable materials and I wouldn’t mind paying the steeper price. It’s way more functional that the Lulu belt bag for sure!

    By the way, I must compliment your outfit for the bag review. You look so put together! :)

    It was feeling like 35*c here in the last few days but we are expecting a cool weekend. Sunday’s high is gonna be just around 14*c! I hope you’re having a nice weather there.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It's the jumpsuit, it's easy to look put together when you don't have to think of the top or the bottom. =D

      Ohhh that sounds hot. It will be in the 80s here for us too, which is warm but not awful. 90s and above is when we start complaining.

      Have a wonderful weekend ! Stay safe.

  2. The madras ones would be awesome on a tropical vacation. Someday....

  3. Love the coral as a pop of color against the beige neutrals! :D


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