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Fit Review! Ivivva Rhythmic Tight Nulu Diamond Dye Lavender Dusk Shade

Hi everyone! My orders have been arriving very quickly lately. I'm kind of shocked. Today I have a review of Ivivva Rhythmic Tights in buttery soft nulu diamond dye.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Here I am wearing a size 12 in Ivivva.

I'm wearing a size 12 here and the waist sit lower than my belly button, probably about an inch lower. I normally prefer a mid rise over a high rise, so this works for me. The waist is snug but it doesn't pinch. It's actually very comfortable. These are a little loose underneath my calves but I have very thin calves and ankles. I find this to be a very common thing for me!

The colors aren't as saturated as pictured here as the sun wasn't at the brightest but the colors are very pretty. They're darker than what they show on the website, but not as dark as my photos, probably somewhere in the middle. Overall I am thrilled to find a pair of diamond dye nulu tights that's easy on the wallet. The inseam is long, the size 12 measures almost 27 inches in length. I will probably just cuff them underneath or maybe when things get back to normal, send them over to Lulu and have them hemmed.

I also have the size 14 since I wasn't sure which one would fit. The size 14 measures 28 inches long and I would say is equivalent to a Lululemon size 6. 

For $64, I think they're worth it especially since they are just as soft as my Align Crops. In other news, I have these joggers on the way. I love my Tranquil Spirit Crops so much I decided to take a chance with the full length version. The black pair is on WMTM for $49. The silver drop is still at full price at $64. I'm prepared for them to be a little long. Will have a review up when I receive them! 


  1. Remember me telling you I wasn’t sure if I liked the Rhythmic Tight Nulu in Diamond Dye Lavender Dusk Shade which fitted a bit big in size 12? It looks so nice on you that I just went ahead to order a pair of size 10 and see if it will fit better LOL. I agree that the kid’s version is easier on the wallet but Lulu’s Diamond Dye in Graphite Grey and Naval Blue Shade are both super pretty and irresistible! :D

    1. Hah, yes! I'm glad you're giving it a try. Keep me posted if the 10 works for you or not. I agree I really love the graphite gray and naval blue too. I wonder if the naval blue will ever be released in the Align Crop 21" length. I think nulu is definitely my favorite fabric.

  2. Those tights look great on you! The print is SO pretty. I prefer a high waist so I can pair it with shorter tops too. I ordered some more Wunder Trains today since there was a restock. I really like them because they're not so fragile like my aligns. Aligns fit so beautifully though so maybe I'd only get one in a color I love.

    I also saw the Tranquil joggers and was interested but they're final sale so I didn't get them!

    1. Thanks Janessa! Aligns really are my favorites. I have I think 8-10 pairs. I've lost count!

      I'll let you know how the Tranquil joggers run. The silver drop color isn't final sale in case you wanted to try a pair.


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