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Fit Review! Ivivva Free and Fierce Jumpsuit

I have a cute little review for you guys today. This isa review of the Ivivva girls - Free and Fierce Jumpsuit. It's currently $29 right now on sale. I took the chance and bought it in size 14. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. Here I'm wearing size 14 in Ivivva.

My hair is pretty crazy looking right now since I haven't had a haircut in 3 months! That is why I've been cropping my head out in most of the shots lately. 😅 It's one of the downsides of having really short hair that needs refreshing every 8 weeks. 

Back to the jumpsuit! This comes in two colors, but black is definitely my go to. The material is swift fabric which I really like. It's thin and feels very cool to the touch. The length is 7/8ths on me, and I think it works well with my petite frame. I'm wearing it here with a fitted gray t-shirt much like how the model is dressed- I swear I didn't do it on purpose LOL. 

The back of the straps are adjustable. I have it set to nearly the longest length, I think there's maybe an extra inch and a half I could extend if I needed to. There is an Ivivva logo on the bottom left of the pant. I've mentioned it before, I don't mind the logo, but I know some do. 

Yay for pockets!

The thing I love about rompers/jumpsuits- is that they are really easy to wear. The top and bottom are already decided for you. I picked a t-shirt to wear underneath because I am a little slightly self conscious about my upper part of my body. For one thing I'm completely flat chested. The other is I do not have a svelte back, which you'll see later! 😬

There is a adjustable drawcord at the waist.

This look is probably a little more feminine. I'm wearing an Ebb To Street Bra underneath the jumpsuit. I really like the bra, I think I need to get it in black as well to blend in with the jumpsuit better. As for sizing, I think if you're around the same height as me or just a few inches taller, this could also work for you. 

I have what I like to call a meaty back. 😑😂 It's probably the hardest part of my body to change. I think it's one of those areas where I can't see the muscles moving while I workout, so I have no idea if what I'm doing is correct. I took my years to even figure out how to engage my back muscles. Sometimes I still think I have trouble with it. Anyhow, if I were to wear the jumpsuit this way, I
would probably wear a wrap as a cover up. I'm always jealous of those who have a sculpted back!

If you're looking for alternatives I found a couple of really cute ones on Athleta. They have a very similar one called Sayulita Jumpsuit and a shorter version called Expedition Skort Dress that I like. 

What do you think of the Free and Fierce Jumpsuit jumpsuit? Yay or nay? The only thing I hate about jumpsuits is having to basically undress when you go to the bathroom. 😂 Otherwise, they are super comfortable to wear. 

In other news my order for the Warm Down Crew arrived and I love it! It's sooooo soft and cozy. Ever since the stay at home orders started the section in my closet for my lounge clothes have exploded. Anyone else with me?


Okay, I have  a little rant. Saturday, DH and I went to Avalon - which is an outdoor shopping area just to see if we could get some walking in. We decided if it didn't look too crowded we would do it. Upon entering we see these new signs placed along the sidewalk. At first we didn't see them, but once we did we corrected ourselves and made sure we were following the green arrow at all times.

And of course... there were those we really DID NOT CARE. I mean... just... really?? 😳😩 There is no hope for humanity. 

Thanos was right.

It was a really nice day, and it wasn't by any means crowded since a lot of the stores were closed. We only went into one store and wore a face mask. The restaurant above had a lot of people sitting outside eating. I am not comfortable with that at all. No way are we going to sit at a restaurant when yesterday Texas just released their highest new number of cases since re-opening. 

I hope you're all staying safe. How do you feel about things lately? Feel free to rant if you want to! 


  1. The jumpsuit looks so cute on you, and perfect sizing as well! I’ve seen a lot of cute jumpsuits at GAP in the last couple years but never pulled a trigger cos like you said, you’ll have to undress using a bathroom LOL!

    I wish I had a meaty back and arms, Leslie. I was skinny to begin with and have lost a lot of weight taking care of my sick puppy for 11 months. I’m now all skin and bones, and am looking for ways to put on weight. I honestly don’t have appetite and eat like a bird. If you have any suggestions on how to put on weight healthily, please email me. :)

    This COVID thing is driving a lot of people nuts. We even have this “one way only” instruction inside some supermarkets but of course people are not following it. Just wish I would wake up one morning and realized this was just a bad dream.

    1. Hi Andrea, yes expect an email coming your way! =)

      We have those too at the supermarket. It drives me crazy when people do not follow the directions of the arrows and most do not even try to stay 6 feet from others. SMH. Sigh.

  2. Wow that jumpsuit is cute! You style it really well with both the ebb to street or the gray tee. I think you look great! :D

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your back! I say wear that jumpsuit with a cute bra (like the Ebb to Street you had on) and go for it with your head held high! It looks great!

    1. Hi Lola! Thank you, I will try and do it at least once and see! =)


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