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Upload! April 14th 2020

A fairly large upload tonight. A lot of oranges and reds, which I'm not really a fan of, but we did see a new diamond dye in naval blue which is very pretty. Maybe we'll see it in a Hooded Define Jacket next week! The Sundown Sweater Wrap is back. I have it in black and spanish oak from last year. I'm kind of obsessed with the In The Moment Shirt but it's so pricey! 

What do you think of tonight' upload? Anything for you?

(Pretty in pink for spring!)

(Not going to lie, I kind of love this. I need to know if this wrinkles!)

(I can maybe pull this off as a tunic/dress? What do you all think?)

(Hope to pick something up in blue diamond dye.)

(This is interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing it in a white or navy.)

(I kind of like this a lot, I think the print looks great in this style.)


  1. Not a navy person but the Diamond Dye Naval Blue is so pretty. Have you ever tried on the Wunder Train Hi-Rise Crop in Everlux? How do you like the Everlux fabric? What about the fit? Would appreciate any feedback!

    The In the Moment Shirt is interesting and might work as a tunic/dress on a petite body. It seems to drape beautifully, but I just wish they provided more info other than the fabric being sweat-wicking!

    I’ve been wearing the Scuba Hoodie in light cotton fleece a lot lately, and I must say it’s my favorite Lulu hoodie!

    1. Have not tried the Wunder Train Crops. But I did try the In Movement Crop in Everlux. I like the fabric, they're very similar feel to nulu, but I guess since they're for training I would think they are not as fragile. I didn't keep them because the fit wasn't right for me.

      Agreed, I wish they would be a little more descriptive on the website. I might place an order for the In the Moment Shirt but will try to hold out for more items.

      Yay, glad you're loving the Scuba Hoodie. I've been wearing the Cashlu version non stop at home these days! What color do you have?

    2. I really like the Wunder Train Crop but I haven't worked out in them. They fit TTS with all my other leggings except aligns which I size down on. There's a drawstring but it doesn't dig in. They feel really soft but if you're short the ankles might be loose. They feel really soft like sturdier aligns.

  2. I was tempted to get the Cashlu version but knitted ones are more prone to snags so I tried to stay away from them. Now that I’m dog-free, I might get the Sundown Sweater Wrap if it goes on sale.

    I have the light cotton fleece Scuba Hoodie in Boysenberry, Black Currant (like you, I’m a sucker for purple), Heathered Speckled Black and Jaded. All of them, except Heathered Speckled Black, have faded to a certain degree even though I wash them in laundry bags inside out. I will probably only purchase Scuba Hoodies in heathered colors from now on, cos they don’t show fading as bad. :)

    1. ahhh I love the Sundown Sweater Wrap, as you might remember I bought two last year. Black and Spanish Oak. I wouldn't mind adding the light gray if it goes on WMTM. I get a lot of wear from those two. So soft and comfy.

      I sold off most of my Scuba Hoodies, I bought them in a size 2, and now I think I prefer size 4! I think I'm down to 2-3 of them.

  3. I really want something in the blue diamond dye! Too bad it costs so much more. Nothing for me this week but hoping for nice WMTM tmr! haha


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