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Review! Bohemian Island Harem Pant!

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. Sorry, just wanted to say that once! I binged Tiger King and it is a crazy mini documentary series. How is everybody doing? My weekend has been pretty relaxing. I finished a puzzle, it only took me two days. I am sort of a puzzle nerd. There's just something so satisfying about snapping a piece into the right place. This is Hogwarts Castle and it's also glows in the dark! 

On to today's review. My husband sent me a link to a website called bohemian island. He tells me, "I came across these pants from one of my friends and the company also donates 10% of their proceeds to helping stray dogs in Thailand." So of course I had to go look. I decided to review these now since everyone is looking for comfy bottoms to wear at home. It's so crazy to me that I haven't worn work clothes in over a month. I think we are heading into week 5 of stay at home order.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms and here I'm wearing kids size XL. I debated trying the women's standard size, but they looked like they might be too big so I opted for the kids to try first. For $15, why the heck not!

The black color is definitely their most popular harem pant. I've had these for a while now, I think about a year or so and I can tell you this, they are worth every single penny. Now, I do think they are just a tad short (inseam measures approximately 19 inches), so I actually just placed an order to try the standard women's version in the same color. The women's only comes in three sizes, standard, large and extra large.

There is a side pocket, which I honestly do not use. I think it's more for decoration as the fabric is lightweight and made of super soft cotton which won't hold anything heavy. I basically wear these to lounge around in and sometimes use them for pajama bottoms. I'm hoping the standard size that I have coming will be better suited for me to wear out and about on the weekends. Obviously when things are back to normal. The women's version costs $27.50 which is not much more than the kids version! 

As for care instructions: hand wash or machine wash using the gentle cycle is recommended as well as line dry. 

The waistband is smocked and super stretchy, which is why it's so comfortable. The bottom of these have a thin elastic that is also just as stretchy. I have a brown pair on the way as well. I just couldn't decide on the colors, the website has so many! I went back and forth between the navy blue and the purple and finally decided on the brown 😂. The website offers free shipping on all orders over $50. My order for two pairs of harem pants came out to $55. 🙌

Pretty much what you see here are my pajamas. 😂

They also offer maxi dresses which look so comfy but the length is too long, I would have to get them hemmed. They look really cute too. Let me know what you think of these harem pants! The cropped length reminds me of joggers. I will definitely have an updated post when I receive the standard women's size. It might take a little while as it's international shipping from Thailand. 

In other news I received my order for the Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop and I ordered the size 2. The waist fits a little bit snug, but not so much that I can't wear them. I'll have a more detailed review coming soon with photos. Ivivva's Good Feels Culotte also arrived and are great for lounging around the house as well. I'll be using them as pajama bottoms. The size 14 fits great, they are equivalent to a size 4 in women's if anyone is interested in getting a pair for $29. Really can't beat the price! I'll have a review of these coming up as well. 

That's it for me! Here's to another week at home!



  1. Wow the puzzle is so cool! Haven’t worked on one for ages. :)

    The harem pant looks so comfy! The pattern is pretty and I actually feel that the pocket breaks the pattern not in a nice way. It’s a good length for lounging around the house but agree it’s a tad short to wear outside. The fabric looks delicate to me but based on your comments the pant seems to hold up well. Looks like a good deal!

    1. I agree, the pocket placement is a little strange, at least it's only on one side. It really doesn't need pockets. I def love them for lounging around the house. =)

  2. I visited Thailand in 2018 and the pants are everywhere in all sorts of fun patterns. I bought a pair of elephant ones and another that is teal with a beautiful pattern. I wore the teal ones on the 14+ hour plane ride home. Perfect for flying. I also wear them to work in the summer on "Hawaiian shirt Friday" and have to remind people they are not pajama pants! In the super hot and humid temperatures, they are a dream - very airy.

    1. oh wow, i'm imagining everyone wearing them over there. yesss they are very airy. almost feel like you're not wearing any pants at all!


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