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Fit Review Friday! Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop & Ivivva Good Feels Culotte

Happy Friday! I'm just wrapping up my 6th week working from home. Even though life feels like it ha slowed down a lot, time still feels like it's passing by pretty quickly. It's so weird isn't it? I for one can't complain too much. Yes I miss going out and eating at restaurants with my husband. I miss going to the stores and shopping. I miss sitting at a theatre watching a movie but I can't say I miss going to the office everyday for work. I think the trade off is almost worth it! 

Anyway, how is everyone doing? I have two great pairs of lounge/pajama bottoms up for review today. Both of these are on sale and sizes are probably going fast. I think the Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop are almost sold out. But first, I'll cover Ivivva's Good Feels Culotte.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. For Ivivva I wear a size 14. 

These work really well for pajama bottoms. They are currently on sale for $29.00. Are they pricey for pajama bottoms? Maybe, but they are super comfortable and they are actually the right length for once on my very short legs. My inseam measures 26 inches on a good day. The inseam on these culottes are roughly 22 inches.

Unlike most pajama bottoms these have pockets. I love pockets, they are a necessity on everything. the bottom hem also has a small slit. The waistband is stretchy and comfortable. I would say if you're a true size 4 in Lululemon bottoms, the 14 is a perfect fit. 

There's not much else to say about these, they are a light to medium weight. Perfect for quarantine life. I'm happy I bought them. They also come in a light pale green color, which I'm not a fan of. I wish there were other colors like pink or even blue because I would totally pick up another pair! 

Next up we have the Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop in heathered cashew. These also have pockets. What can I say, pockets make me happy! These are the softest pair of lounge pants I've ever owned. They are so soft even my husband is jealous. He's like I need to get me a pair like that. 😆 As you can see the fabric is thin, it is made of modal French terry. You can totally see my fingers outlined in the pocket. That's totally fine though! The softness makes up for it. 

When I went to check out, my normal size 4 was already sold out but I decided to chance it with a size 2. The waistband is a little bit snug, but not so much that they're uncomfortable. BUT if you are looking for ultimate comfort I would stick to your normal size. If they had a size 4 in the heathered gray in stock, I would have bought them. The waistband has a drawcord to cinch if you need to. The elastic is very wide and not super stretchy which is why it's a little snug on me. 

The length measures 24 inches, but as you can see they're full length. There is a seam running down the side of the pant that reminds me a lot like the Seek Softness Mid Rise Crop except the seam does not open up. 

This pair is also on sale for $59. Double the price of the Good Feels Culotte but worth it! I've been wearing both pairs and you can't go wrong with either one. Just depends on how much you want to spend on lounge wear. 


In other news, I purchased this Las Vegas scratch art poster last July. I've had it for almost a year now. I was working on it for a few weeks but gave up because it is HARD! The little details drove me nuts. My eyes would start going cross and I would grip the stylus so tight that my shoulder would strain and ache after a while. So I gave up but now that I have all this time to relax, I took it back out. It was still super hard but I pushed through and finished it! 

I purchased this on Amazon and I actually just ordered two more books to try, but I picked easier ones this time. Do you guys like scratch art? It's really addictive. I love the colors on this particular piece. I might get these smaller postcard size ones to try. They look really pretty. 

Here are some close ups. The tiny little specks drove me nuts. I found the Eiffel Tower to be the easiest part of the piece. The little windows on the buildings were the worst. But overall, I'm really happy I finished it! I might even find a frame for it. That's all for me, hope you have a great weekend and stay safe my friends.


  1. Both crops look so comfy! I was debating on the Seek Stillness but they sold out of the cashew which I like the best. The ivivva ones are cute too but I like the length of the lulu one more and the bow! :D

    1. The scratch art looks super cool too I didn't know you could buy those and scratch.

    2. Yep, I love them more than coloring books because there's just too much thinking involved with deciding what colors to use and then what happens is my entire desk will be littered with these color pencils all over the place. This you just need the stylus and a brush.

      I wish they would restock the Seek Stillness Crops. They are seriously comfy! I need another pair in my normal size!

  2. I love the scratch art! They are really coooool and well deserved to be framed!

    I love both crops on you but prefer the Seek Stillness one. If only you had this fit review earlier! Just checked and the style was sold out! No luck! :)

    Found two Deep Thoughts Scarves, one in grey and the other one in lilac, tucked somewhere inside my wardrobe. Purchased them years ago but have maybe worn the grey one once or twice. Gave the lilac one to a good friend and made her day. :). Have to remind myself to think twice before buying new stuff!

    1. I know, I am so sad these sold out so quickly. I wasn't able to take any pictures until a couple of days ago. Got the review up as fast as I could!

      Yes, are you doing a closet clean out? I try and do it every 6 months or so. It's always good to remind yourself of all the things you've forgotten about!

    2. I was putting away winter clothes and taking out some spring items, Leslie. I usually put aside some clothing items for donation to charities a few times a year but none of them are picking up stuff during the pandemic. The other day I just dug out some gently used items and gave them to friends who would make better use of them. :)

    3. It's so great that you did that! I have a bag full of donations that need to go, but will have to wait until things get better.

      But I really need to go through my closet again. It's a never ending cycle!


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