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Fit Review Friday! Align Crop Diamond Dye & Rejuvenate Dark Chrome

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? Feel free to vent in the comments if you need to. I'm usually able to handle being indoors all day but today I am feeling very meh. Sluggish and just overall blah. I'm glad it's finally Friday because I am hoping to spend some time in the sun, even if it's just on my porch! 

This post is not so much a fit review, as just my overall thoughts and comments on the prints since I've covered Align Crops about a million times. 😅 I'm just a sucker for them. They're literally my go to for everything these days. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

Update- Found them on WMTM! On sale for $69. The interesting thing about this print is it's the thickness. It is completely lined all the way through. I was very surprised when I went to pinch the fabric and could feel two layers. These are soft but they're not quite as soft as the diamond dye which I'll talk about next.

The colors are very pretty, although definitely subdued and muted for spring. I find these to be true to size. The length of these crops are 21 inches long and for me that's too long. I need to have these hemmed at least three to four inches shorter. Otherwise they just look awfully baggy. I'm still crying that Lululemon discontinued the 19 inch length!

Next up are we have the Align Crop in diamond dye pitch gray. The question of the day is, are these worth $10 more? I would have a hard time saying yes. They're super soft, I won't deny that. The crop did not impress me as much as the Hooded Define Jacket I reviewed last week in diamond dye.

Between the two prints, I prefer the rejuvenate dark chrome over the diamond dye. Maybe I would like it better if it had some purple or blue tint to it? 

That's all from me this week. I broke down and ordered the Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop in heathered cashew. For $59 why not. I'll have a review up of those soon! I'll do a comparison post to the Seek Softness Mid Rise Crop


Align Crop $69!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Leslie! I’ve always looked forward to Fridays because of your fit reviews and even more during the self isolation! :).

    My husband and I used to spend most of the time home with our dog so there’s zero lifestyle change for us lol, maybe except the grocery shopping part. Luckily we have a great neighbor who picked up stuff for us at the supermarket yesterday which saved us a trip to the supermarket this weekend. Just thinking about the line up gives me a headache.

    I was hoping to get the Align Crop in Rejuvenate Dark Chrome on sale but they are sold out in my size. Now that I know they are fully lined and not as soft, I’m happy that I didn’t get the chance to purchase it. I love my Align Crop in Diamond Dye Granite Grey, and for me the length is perfect. Couldn’t complain at all, I do however see a little bit of pilling already so I’ve given up the idea of getting a Hooded Define in the same pattern. Tops are more prone to pilling in my opinion.

    Wishing you a nice weekend, though one can no longer tell if it is weekend or weekday lol.

    1. Hi Andrea, always nice to read your comments! I have so many pairs of Align Crops I need to be more picky about which ones I add to my collection. How many is too many? lol.

      I have a funny story to share, I face timed my grandma on Tuesday and at the end of the call she's like have a great weekend I'll talk to you on Tuesday again, and I'm laughing so hard because I said it's not Friday yet! Have a few more days to go!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That’s so funny LOL! I have a hard time remembering what day it is too. :D

  3. Both prints look so good on you! I really want to get the diamond dye in something.


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