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Upload! March 17th 2020

How is everyone doing? I have a quick question for you all. Has the coronavirus changed your shopping habits? For me, the answer was no until this week. The huge losses in the stock market nearly everyday is definitely making me a bit nervous. There's talk of a recession that might have already started.

The upload tonight is pretty boring again. I'm only really interested in the In Power Mid Rise Crop since it looks like it might be petite friendly. Anything for you?

(I do kind of love this shade of blue.)

(Why would anyone want a waistband like this?)

(I'm really curious about these. The length is 24" and might be the perfect summer work pant!)

(I also love the reflective detail. But the price! 😓)

(Longest print name ever.)

In other news, I received the Rest Assured Zip Hoodie in washed garnet. I purchased it on final sale. It has a hole on the back of the sleeve the size of a dime. I was super excited to get this hoodie because of how much I like the Scuba Hoodie Cashlu. 

Unfortunately the knitted weave on this hoodie is very delicate and light weight. It's more of a spring/summer piece and with four cats, I knew this hoodie wouldn't last more than a few wears. I spoke with an educator through chat, and was issued a full refund. I do want to see if the hole can be fixed. I was directed to a French American Reweaving company who can make it look brand new, but they're located in New York City. Kind of stumped if there's anyone local who can fix it for me. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know! I would appreciate it!


  1. Do you knit at all, Leslie? If you know the “anatomy” of knit and purl stitches you could try using a sewing needle and a thread in the same color to sew the stitches together. I do that often for my mother-in-law’s knitted tops lol. Worth a try and good luck!

    A boring upload and my jaw dropped when I saw the Break the Mold High Rise Crop. It’s like you jump into a garbage bag and hold it in place with a twist tie at the waist! :DDD

    I’m also interested in the In Power Mid Rise Crop but the price is way too steep. Would love to know how it fits though. Are you going to give it a try?

    The coronavirus outbreak does affect my shopping habits. We’ve been mostly shopping at Amazon and health food online stores these days!

    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. Nope I do not know how to knit at all. I totally fall in the domestic category. Last time I tried to knit anything I might have been 10 years old. My grandma was trying to teach me, but it never went anywhere. =(

      Hah! Yes it totally looks like a garbage bag waistline!

      I may give it a try, but yes the price is very steep. I might also hold off until Lululemon opens their stores again? But I have a feeling it may be a long time before that happens. But we shall see.

      I like to go to the stores and haven't ordered too much from the websites this year, but that may change if all the stores stay closed!

      Stay safe too Andrea!

  2. I agree with Andrea! I’m a knitter and you might be able to sew that hole together with the right color and stitches. Hope you can get it repaired.

    I just got my new Scuba hoodie in the Wild Bluebell color and am really liking how bright and cheerful the blue is.

    Stay safe! We only have one grocery store nearby and the nearest mall is 2 hours away, and not much in terms of any other kinds of shopping so the coronavirus hasn’t changed much for me since I do most of my shopping online.

    1. I may have to find someone here who is a knitter. I am sadly not! =(

      Wild Bluebell is growing on me. It seemed really bright to me at first, but considering what's happening, we all need a bit of cheerfulness!

      Stay safe too ! Take care.

  3. My hubby was laid off at the end of February, and then this mess happened, so my shopping for non-essentials has come to a halt. Luckily, there hasn't been anything I've HAD to have, so it hasn't been bad. Honestly, I really needed a good reason to stop buying. I've been out of control with LLL for the past few years and simply do not need anything else for a while.

    I agree that we're going to see deep economic impact from this and that many, many folks are going to lose their jobs. Shop smart and stay safe!

    1. Honestly I am afraid I'll be laid off too. The last downturn in 2008 they laid off the receptionist and although I know I'm a staff assistant I'm expendable if they really want to cut corners. Might have to hold off on any non essentials just in case. Definitely need to shop smart!

      We will get through this like the last recession, although I think this one will be worse.


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