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Guest Fit Review! Keep Moving Pant!

First off, thank you all so much for your kind words. We miss Nero so much. He was such a sweet boy and curious all the way to the end. 

Back to the guest review! Andrea, who has been a long time reader of mine sent in a fit review for the Keep Moving Pant. For reference she is 5 foot 3 inches tall and typically wears a size 2 in Lululemon bottoms including the On The Fly Pant

The pocket opening bulges out and I'm not impressed.

"My first impression is that the rise is very high and the waistband falls on my belly button.  The thick elastic waistband fits well without being too tight but everywhere else fits one size too big for me.  If I size down to size 0, the waist might fit too tight."

The length measures 27 inches.

"The legs are tapered towards the hem like the On The Fly Pant but the Keep Moving Pant fits overall loser. The length is good on me, ending on the ankle bone. The pant is comfortable and great for traveling but the fitting is slightly off for me.  The design is also very plain and It's not worth CAD128 plus tax in my opinion."

Thank you again Andrea for your review. I always appreciate guest reviews since I am not always able to cover every item, although I wish I could! For me, I will stick to my On The Fly Crops. They have been my go to during the warmer months and I basically stocked up on them when they went on sale. The Keep Moving Pant are $20 more and for me, it will be an easy pass. 

Hope you all have a great Monday! 


  1. Oooh these are frumpy with a lot of long butt/crotch things happening. I'm only 5'2" but love the OTF Full Length Pants. The 7/8 look like dorky high waters on me. Though I love me a good high rise pant, these aren't it--especially for the additional $20 (for no apparent reason). Thanks for sharing this review!

    1. Same... I like the crop version of the OTF, when I cuff them a couple of times, they actually look slouchy/cool vibe on me. I love them for the warmer months!


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