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Upload! February 25th 2020

Another boring-ish upload. Nothing I really want this week. I would like to try the Keep Moving Pant but I have a feeling it will be too long, although hemming is always an option since these look like they have a straight hem. I almost like the Urban Strides Super Hi-Rise Pant but the super hi-rise aspect ruins it for me.  The Rally Wrap is kind of cute but not crazy about the curved hem.  Nothing really makes me want to pull the trigger. What did you think about tonight's upload?

(This looks cozy but why is there a seam across the waist?)

(These look really comfy!)

(Really wish these were petite friendly.)

(This is pretty!)


  1. I love my On the Fly Pants and wonder if the Keep Moving Pants in Full-On Luxtreme is just as comfortable or even better. I just ordered a pair to try out and will let you know how it fits and feels. It costs CAD20 more than the On the Fly Pants and it’d better be good! :)

    Interested in the Rally Wrap but like you, I’m not particularly fond of the curved hem. If it comes in a nice color I might give it a try.

    1. Ohhhh yes def let me know! I didn't even realize the price tag on them. Yikes. They really better be good. They have to be better than OTF pants!

  2. I like that rose vinyasa but nothing for me!


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