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Upload January 28th 2019

A kind of a boring and small upload tonight. The only thing I'm really interested in is the Rest Assured Full Zip Hoodie in washed garnet. It looks a little cropped on the model and boxy but I really love all the details in this hoodie. I also really do not need another hoodie at all. I've been wearing my Scuba Hoodie Cashlu non-stop, I think it would be hard to beat. 

What do you think of tonight's upload? Have you bought any new items lately?

(I think the details on this hoodie is very interesting, I think I may need to try it.)

Really love the color too. But the price! 😑

(I do love this color, but so sloppy.)

(The back of the jacket definitely looks way better than the front.)


  1. I like the Rest Assured hoodie in the washed garnet color as well, but that price is definitely yikes! Nothing for me this upload.

    I did recently purchase a couple pairs of leggings and a few tanks from Athleta. They have a beautiful iron blue color that I’m loving.

    1. I just took a look at the iron blue color and it is really nice! Kind of a dusty blue.

  2. Yes, I agree. The new moves jacket looks good from the back, but the front seems like it would accentuate a lot of flaws. Also liking the rest assured hoodie, But it is pricey. Unfortunately, nothing else wowed me. The dress is cute, probably not petite friendly and the pockets look like they are right on the hips?

    1. The pockets on the dress fall on the hips but on petite gals it will be more likely on the thigh. LOL.


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