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Review- Coach Saddle 1941 & Semi Annual Sale!

While in New York, my sister who has a subscription to Rent the Runway, was nice enough to let me pick this Saddle bag by Coach to try out. For those of you who are not familiar with Rent the Runway, it's basically similar to Netflix- but instead of movies, it's for clothing and accessories. It's pretty neat if you're looking for a special outfit that you know you'll only wear once a year and instead of plopping down hundreds of dollars it's just better for your wallet to simply borrow it. I'm usually not into fancy clothes, but I am into fancy bags. 😀

If you're interested in trying Rent The Runway my sister has a referral code- RTRFAM11D1780. This code is $200 off your first two months of Unlimited ($100 off each month).

I've always loved the look of saddle bags, but never bought one. This little bag is gorgeous in its smooth glove tanned burnished brown leather. The contrast golden color stitching makes the bag really stunning. While the leather is smooth it does show scratches but this is the type of bag that will age beautifully the more you use it.

The flap opens up to two compartments. You can easily fit the largest smart phone in there, keys, a compact wallet and more. It's great for running errands and can be an everyday bag. 

The inside is lined with leather making it extra luxe. I particularly love leather lined bags. I am always very pleased with Coach's quality in their 1941 line. The attention to detail in these bags show just how high quality they are. I would say there really is no difference between this bag and my other premier designer bags like Gucci and Balenciaga. Seriously.

The opening is a sliding closure which makes it very simple to open and lock. However I will say the sliding tab is fairly loose and easily opens up to the point where if you're not careful and holding the bag upside down it will slide out with zero effort.

The back of the bag has a pocket that is large enough to fit my iPhone X. One can also use it to quickly stash receipts. I really love bags that have an outside pocket just like this. Makes everything so convenient and easy to stay hands free. 

While this color is currently sold out on their website, I really like this white colorblock version as well. Overall I would definitely look into getting a saddle bag. I'm also digging the Courier bag, which is the sister to the saddle bag. It's larger and one of Coach Original handbags that they re-released. 

Right now Coach is having their semi annual sale and a lot of items are 50% off. I am a huge sucker for Rogue bags. I think they make great work bags.

(And I may or may not have this one coming my way. 😬)

(This Rogue is currently 50% off!)

While at the New York store I saw these two amazing custom made to order Rogues. The dark denim color looks so yummy. I would really love to add one of these to my collection some day. How many Rogues is too many? Asking for a friend! 😅

That's it for me! Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!



  1. Your post brought me back to my high school days when I bought my first Coach bag, which is now part of their Originals line. I did not know they had brought all these classic bags back. I have my original Dinky bag in British Tan - I pulled it out of the closet this morning and I plan to use it - it is very vintage! I sold my original Willis bag (now regretting it) but I have several other older bags that I will hold on to.

    1. Wow you have some of the originals!! That is truly amazing. I have two Dinkys and was looking at getting a Willis bag. They have the mini version of it as well which is super cute. It won't be released until January though. The larger size I think might be too big for me. Definitely hold on to them, they are classics!


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