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Fit Review Friday! Lululemon Haul! Scuba Hoodie Plush, Scuba Hoodie Cashlu, Define Hooded Jacket Velvet

Happy Friday everyone! Major haul for review. I actually really love every single item, but I opted to return two items even  though it pains me to do it, but I am hoping maybe they will end up on WMTM. I was a very bad girl in November and shopped way too much. So let's get started!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops unless otherwise noted. I also wear a size XXS/XS.

I'm kind of a sucker for Scuba hoodies, so when I saw a cashlu version, you know I had to try it. I ordered the heathered core medium gray and night diver to try. The cashlu is soft and even though it is a hoodie, it's more of a sweater because of the knit fabric. It's a medium weight knit with a relaxed fit. Remember how I complained about the sleeves being too tight on the regular Scuba hoodies? That was a non issue with the cashlu version. The arms are not tight at all and I am wearing the size XS.

Close up of knit.

The sleeves are a little bit long as expected, but I do find myself pushing them up quite a bit, but at least they are not tight. The gray is a medium gray that I find very easy to wear. Even though this is technically a hoodie, it's a little more elevated because of the cashlu fabric.

Great length, covers the bum.

 I also really like the side ribbing detail.

The one thing I didn't like about this hoodie is the hood! It's kind of very floppy when you put it up and I did not like how it looks at all. I'll only be putting the hood up when it's raining. The floppy hood looks sad. That is the one downside of it being a knit. 

Overall I really do like this hoodie and I'm leaning towards keeping it. I'm about 90% sure. I still have the tags on because it is fairly on the expensive side $158 + tax, but considering it is different from my other Scuba hoodies, I might make an exception. 

I also ordered the night diver and the fit is the same as the gray. I really like the color as well. It's a beautiful dark blue. Looking at the photos, I love it but this one is returned because I ended up keeping the night diver in the Scuba Hoodie Plush. Sigh. If only I would win the lotto...

Nice contrasting logo on the hood.

Again the floppy hood looks sloppy. Bah.

Inside the pocket it is embroidered. It reads calm & cozy. It's too bad the gray isn't contrasted with a darker color. Both colors are beautiful and it was really hard to choose which one to keep! I wavered back and forth but my husband was the one to point out that I already ripped the tags off the Scuba Hoodie plush in night diver, so it made sense to go with the gray.

 I love my Nulu Hooded Define Jacket so I of course wanted to try the velvet version. I went with spanish oak because I'm a sucker for pink, as you all know. I went with a size 6 which is the same size I wear in the nulu version.

Definitely hugs the figure.

It's very comfortable, I would say it runs a little bigger than the nulu version but not enough to size down. I would stick with the same size. I really love the pink and how it shimmers in the sunlight. The velvet was soft to touch, but my husband pointed out that you can only rub it in one direction. When you try and rub the other way it just gets stuck. 😆 I wonder how many of you actually get what he means. 

Sleeves are ridiculously long, I usually have to cuff them on my Define jackets. Overall I did really like this but am returning. If I see it on WMTM I'll probably get it. Out of the three colors I like spanish oak the most, and then the garnet and black for last.

Last but not least, we have the Scuba Hoodie Plush in heathered night diver. I opted for a size 4 this time around because of the sleeve issue. I'm happy to report that this time the size 4 is very comfortable and even goes over my fitbit quite easily! I pretty much ripped the tags off this one right away. This years version feels slightly thinner than last years, but it's still soft and cozy as ever.

What really sealed the deal for me is the silver velvet detail. It really makes it pop. I wish they had used silver for the logo on the hood. Would have really made this one extra special. 

I am sad to report that even after one wash, there is over all pilling. Really wish it wouldn't, but this happened to my dark adobe Plush Scuba from last year as well, so I expected it. I just wish it wouldn't happen on the very first wash! 

That's it for me! Hope you all have a great weekend. Let me know what you think of these holiday items! 



  1. Wow that velvet looks soo nice on you! I’m going to get it if it lands on WMTM. I agree with the comment about the silver logo it would of popped and looked nice silver.

  2. They all look amazing on you!

    I ordered the scuba plush in black in size 4. LOVE how cozy it is. Now I am not sure about keeping it if it pills so easily :(. Did your dark adobe from last year get worse over time?

    1. Hard to say about the dark adobe, it still looks nice but the pilling looks about the same as the night diver. But I do think that over the years if you decide to keep it for that long, it will probably fade which bothers me more than the pilling.

  3. I also purchased the Scuba hoodie plush in night diver, and agree it’s a bit thinner than last year’s version but still super soft and comfortable. The pilling bothers me but at least with a darker color, it’s harder to see.

    1. That's true. It is only noticeable up close. From a short distance you can't even tell.

  4. Thank you so much for the fit reviews! I was seriously thinking of getting the Scuba Plush in Night Diver (gorgeous color) but was worried that the color would fade like my Jaded Scuba Light. Realizing that it just pilled after one wash, it is an easy pass.

    The Cashlu Hoodie looks really nice on you, but I wish the sleeves were shorter. Agree that the hood is floppy but it’s not a deal breaker. I would say go for Night Diver if you have a lot of greys already, even though you already have the same color in Scuba Plush. The color is so pretty.

    I also love how the Velvet Hooded Define looks on you, and Spanish Oak is another gorgeous color. When I saw it at the store, I thought you would like it. Something different and just in time for Christmas!

    Yes don’t we all wish we could win the lottery jackpot LOL?

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Night diver is super pretty in person. Very saturated and beautiful. If it goes on WMTM, I will snag it!

      Have a great weekend as well! I hope there will be some sort of discount coupon like they did last year.


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